Some new toys to keep me occupied during the Blizzard

Snowmagedden 2 is in full force and we arent going anywhere this weekend.
But luckily I got some new toys and a BCV flavouring delivery today.
I have a few recipes that I’m now making bigger batches with so had to up my game a bit.

Got a bigger scale the other day and today my new Overhead Stirrer came in.
This thing is sweet!! I’m loving it already! I have another stirring shaft on order but the one I got with it isnt to bad either.

The scales is TREE - LW Measurements HRB 10001 - High Resolution Balance 10000g x 0.1g

Overhead stirrer is SCILOGEX OS20-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer

You tube video of the stirrer in action!

Video is a little long and boring but thought I would post it.
If you look close you can see the gazillion bubbles moving around inside pretty good.
Gave the container a good shake before stirring so you can see the movement better but didnt come through on video that good. I also set it up with the container in my ultrasonic to warm the eliquid.
Gave it one cycle of 30 minutes with the heater, ultrasonic and stirrer going at the same time.
Could be the ultimate speed steeping setup…lol. But I mainly got it to stir the large batches. Shaking a 1750 ml batch in the 1/2 gallon Mason jar gets my shoulder hurting.


Good God Man!

Up your game huh…?

You’ve gone industrial strength lol

I have the exact same USC but only put 30 or 60ml bottles in it. It’d take me 6 months to go through that mason jar :laughing:

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Oh my goodness!! You must be retailing your ejuice. That’s an insane setup for home DIY.

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Nice set up. Hope it works for you.

I give alot of juice away to family, friends and co-workers And it was starting to get hard to keep up and needed to make larger batches.
A few weeks ago a local vape shop owner asked to buy some so he could re-sell it.
So hopefully my new hobby can start to pay for itself.


I am hoping the same thing that’s a ton of juice there. Beautiful set up man Kuddos !!!

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The scale only has a resolution of .1 gram? I guess if you are mixing very large batches that is plenty close enough lol.

Yeah, with the large batches, thats close enough. I have the 500 gram x .01 scale for smaller mixes. Alot of the larger capacity scales have 1 gram and .5 gram resolutions.
Looked at quite a few scales before deciding on that one. Really didnt need the 10,000 gram capacity but seemed like a good deal. Only thing I dont like about it is it has a stabilization feature that takes a couple seconds to bring up the new weight when adding small amounts to get where i need to be.

Heres a video on this scale if anyones interested.

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I am looking to buy the same equipment to make larger batches, so i wanted to ask if you could please share some of your experiences with this equipment. Does the open cap affect the nicotine? Or do you add the nicotine later? How many rpm? How many rpm do you use it at when you add the nicotine? Do you still need to steep it a bit after finishing stirring it? I would really appreciate the help. Thank you in advance.

I would really appreciate your help! Thank you!

You can do the flavours on the smaller scale and add the VG/PG on the bigger, would up your accuracy either way. If where worried enough about it. But with the size of those mixes aarh not to worry. Awesome mixer, awesome.

measuring the flavours on the small scale is how I do it most of the time.

Sorry I don’t get on here that much lately.

I was not adding the nic to the large batches when mixing. I added it when pouring into smaller bottles (16 oz or less). But if I was adding it to the large batches and using the stirrer, I would mix everything real good warming the juice, then remove the heat and allow to cool and then add the nic towards the end of the stirring process.

The stirrer runs at 2200 rpm max I believe but I usually only stir at about 50% to 75% of that speed. It mixes really well even at low speeds. And yes I do let it steep normal times in the cabinet after mixing. From what I’ve found, no speed steeping methods beat normal aging for getting the best flavor out of your juices. And once you start making the larger batches theres no need to speed things up. Just make enough and store them and use them when ready.

If you or anyone else is interested, I’m not using this setup much anymore and am willing to sell it.
I now have a wholesaler making my large batches and bottling it for me.

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Thank you for your reply. I was hoping that it would speed things up, especially with the custards :frowning: . The ultrasonic cleaner gets me there in a couple of days but it is way too small for what i need. How much would you want for the toys?

@CAGE_RATTLER does it come with a hot plate?

Pm sent pm sent

I f you run the heat up and stir while running the ultrasonic, it probably does speed up the steeping. I just preferred using a natural aging process.