Some spreadsheets if anyone's interested

I thought I’d share these in case anyone wants them or they’d help someone. I use them to keep track of my recipes and flavors. Be warned! They are very basic and probably not very well designed. But hey, they’re free! I have a Mac, so I use Numbers. I exported them to Excel (also on the Mac), so not sure how well they will translate to PC, but I’m sure they can be tweaked. As a bonus (read: I’m lazy and didn’t feel like removing them) they come with some flavors and recipes included! :stuck_out_tongue:

The .nmbtemplate are Numbers templates, the .numbers are Numbers spreadsheets, the .xlsx are Excel spreadsheets, and the .xltx are Excel templates.

As a note, the amounts for Nic liquid, PG, and VG for the DIY E-Liquid sheet are set to ml and the amounts for the flavors are set to grams.

Vaping Spreadsheets


Do you ever sleep? Or do you just stay awake all the time, vaping, mixing and thinking of how to better the lives of others?


Meh, my cat sleeps enough for both of us. :stuck_out_tongue:


You are an ocd type like me :astonished:

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My wife giggled when I said spreadsheets, she is an Exel master. Thank you, she can’t wait to get her hands on them!


Yes. Yes I am. LoL Awesome @jaybird! Feel free to repost them all fancified. :smile:


Will be downloading these and make use of them, gotta love the people in here helping newbie DIY people like me.


Thanks JoJo! I am on a Mac as well so I appreciate the Numbers, however I will probably convert them over to Google Sheets. Thanks again!

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