Son of a biscuit eater wtf is w this tank that it LEAKS?

I have Smoant Modula and I thought I had it wicked properly but it again lulled me into a false sense of security and next thing I know my tank is almost empty and there’s juice all around it. Grrrr If that’s just a common characteristic of this Atty that’s fine I’ll stop trying to change it but if not can someone perhaps tell me what possibly could be wrong? Again, many thx for all the awesome help i always get! God speed…:))

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It could be that you have too much PG in your juice, a thicker juice will not leak as quickly as a thin one.
You could close the juice flow a little when your juice is thin or use more VG. Or maybe you overstuffed the cotton in the juice holes.
Here’s a video for you, the wicking starts around 17 minutes.
There’s no mention of leaking in this vid.


Ty, I always use 30/70 …


Also, I’ve watched every video that I could find long ago. I’m not an entirely lazy néedy person lol…


I am sure you have already checked but it wouldn’t hurt to double check all your o-rings. A lot of times a huge pouring out of juice is due to a pinched or damaged o-ring somewhere on the atty.


@ImNachogrl You had me at “Son of a biscuit eater…”.

I think @Josephine_van_Rijn and @TheTinMan1 have you covered.


Hmmmm … yesss, good idea tyvm!

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