Sonic Cleaner proof identification?

So another part of my having a hard time getting very far into my testing is that all my attempts to label and identify the bottles has been thwarted by the evil ultrasonic cleaner. Labels come off, or such. Paint markers, the paint comes off. Nail polish wears off but takes a lot longer than any other methods I’ve used. Any tips or tricks to labeling 15ml or 30 ml boston rounds?

How many are you doing at once? I don’t own an USC, but of the top of my head I’m thinking RUBBER BANDS

So, get yourself a pack of those rubber bands with various colors. Even if you had 10 flavors going into the USC at once it would still work. Make a note of your flavors and then put rubber bands around the bottles. If you have more bottles going into the USC than you have colors, mix them. For example, you could put a green and red rubber band around the bottle of your strawberry custard mix. Just write it down somewhere or make a note in you recipe (edit/comment). The color will not be affected by the cleaner and should work great. Then label when done.


Dude that’s so awesome and simple. I’ve got like 6 bottles that I’m not sure what they are at the moment. Have to do some tasting tomorrow and see if I can tell. If not just vape them until they’re gone if they’re good anyways. I know 2 are custards because I set them off to the side and can taste the difference.

These little penny-sized garage sale stickers do the trick for me. Putting them on the bottom prevents them from going anywhere if the USC removes them, but they seem to stick OK.


I use the garage sale stickers as well but I generally put a piece of scotch tape over them bc I put them on the side of the bottle.

But the rubber band idea is great! I tend to use my rubber bands when I use the usc to keep them all together.

I’ve had mixed success with scotch tape. Sometimes the USC zaps it right off. Seems to hold better on plastic than glass.

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Tis true ! I rarely use my usc anymore but I do remember it being not the most consistent way to label. I use a magnetic mixer or an aero frother most of the time now.

I tried using a rubber band today. Problem it it was too large. I had to twist it around the bottle 3 times. This prevented the USC from doing it’s thing on that bottle. I suppose it must absorb the ultrasonic waves because the bottom of the bottle was fine (I had frothed the mix) but the area where the rubber bands were was still all aerated.

EDIT - I did get a USC about 2 mos ago - initially when I posted the first time I didn’t own one. No, I’ve not lost my mind :slight_smile: