Sony VTC5 vs Samsung 25r

Am i more likely to get fakes getting the Samsung batteries or the Sony? I am about to get a set of ten new batteries and I am trying to figure out which brand to go with any suggestions would be appreciated.

Samsung 25Rs are still the most highly recommended battery for Vaping…


Well I ordered 16 new Samsung 25R guess i will find out how well they work lol.


I have 26 all in rotation and haven’t got an issue with any at all

SAMSUNG 25R’s are freaking tanks!!!

I use them in my Mechs and now in my new IPV4/S.

In my single 18650 mech mods I can run without issue a 0.08ohm build.

On they are rated for
20A continuous drain
50A 5 second pulse
100A 1 second pulse

Newer 25R’s are coming with GREEN SHRINK WRAP the older versions are still using BLUE SHRINK WRAP underneath though they are still the same battery and there are a lot less fake 25R’s out there than there are SONY VTC’s.


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I have a snowWolf 200w and a 180 godmod. I just upgraded to the snowwolf for myself and I am letting my girlfriend use my 180 god mod. I had to upgrade to the snowwolf 200w so I could use the TFV4 tank. I have 10 older VTC5 but I think 3 of them are fakes and I just don’t want to risk using them now that I am vaping at higher watt’s. What do you guys use to charge your batteries. I currently have Nitecore I4 version two but I want something that can charge more batteries at one time.

I have the Nitecore D2, I have read (and someone can confirm), that if you use the 4 bay version of many chargers that it divides the charging between the 4 bays, basically speaking using a 2 bay charger will charge 2 batteries at the same speed as the 4 bay charger, if you only used 2 of it’s bays, but if you placed 4 batteries in the 4 charger, the 2 bay charger will finish it’s job charging 2 batteries twice as fast. i.e. the 2 batteries will be completed and all 4 of the ones in the 4 bay charger will be half charged… if you follow my train of thought.

Is says that in the instructions I only ever charge 2 batteries at a time. Also the 2 port will only charge at half speed if you use both bays.

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I Googled, “how do I know if my Samsung 18650 25Rs are authentic?”? It gave alot of information to check. If it fails any of the checks return the batteries for a refund. It’s not failsafe but it has to help.

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25Rs at 0.08ohm?

I find my 25Rs are equal to or just slightly better than VTC4s on an all copper mech mod running a 0.25ohm build. If I build any lower the battery gets hot and I get about 10 hits before performance is just unacceptable. They seem like good batteries and claim to have the lowest internal resistance, which is the most important thing for ultra low ohm builds.

I’ve never wanted to pony up the dosh for VTC5s and just bought 4 of the purple efests to try in my xcube2.

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I read that article I don’t have a Mitutoyo Digimatic Digital Caliper but maybe I can sneak a battery into the QC office at work and measure the batteries. I do have a scale though and with 16 batteries it should be fairly easy to see disparities.

I have no desire to use mech mods. I think I am to much of a control freak to use one. I want to know exactly how my mod is going to hit. The VFV4 quad coil is at 0.12 ohms but I don’t plan on going above 100 watts which is only 28.86 amps. So two Samsung 25r should be fine at least as long as they are legit.

My next order will be Samsung…think there are more clones for Sony.

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Where’s that article at ? Oop’s never mind!

On my super sub ohm builds using a Copper Fuhattan with magnetic switch I can vape a build at 0.08ohms for about 3 minutes or so before I see a performance drop. (That’s 3minutes of vape time)

Yes the batteries get a little warm but I don’t chain vape super sub ohm builds I build them for flavour and warmth and the artistic side of coil building.

When I was using my mech as an ADV I generally used to run a build between .2-.3ohms and get a good while of vape time from the 25R’s.


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