Sourcing amber bottles

Hi there anyone trying to source amber glass bottles to store there nicotine.
To stock up wit new tpd law looming.
Basically just wanted to let people know that I sourced mine from Lloyds pharmacy no problem at all.
£3.75 4 5x100 ml glass amber/brown with medicine tops.
They also stock loads of other size bottles.
I just googled pharmacy near me rang them.
Drove down 20mins later and was sorted in 5 minutes.
Hope this helps anyone not wanting to wait for bottles to arrive off internet


Very useful bit of information there. Thanks.


Yes I second the doc, very good info indeed. I never thought to check at a pharmacy

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Glad it’s of use.

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I’ll see what I can find for us in the USA seeing as that will work for all of you guys in the EU and post as soon as I can back here. So far, and Nicotine River seem to be the best on price and shipping. Thanx nonetheless

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From what I have read brown amber glass bottles are easily sourced off the shelf in wall mart in the us.if I’m not mistaken

Again in the pharmaceutical department

Ok, will look next time I go to that damn place of death. Thanx btw!!

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No problem just what I have seen when trawling the net.
As for in the us I would try the same method as above pharmacys near me on google.
Ring round find cheapest.
I haven’t found another way to source them off the shelf other than buying medicine and emptying the bottles.
Would be interesting to know if anyone else has

Just an update. I just got back from going to Walmart and asked in the pharmacy area and they said they’ve never carried the empty Boston type bottles of any size as I asked from 10 ml to 1000ml. However, the woman there did tell me their source she uses. Its a web site called, . Haven’t heard of or checked it out yet but its a start.

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May have been Canada I know I saw a thread somewhere.
Do you have independent pharmacies over there or are they big chains.
Like wall mart.
Useful to have the wholesaler.