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Sous Vide Steeping


Other “Speed Steeping” reviews online gave examples of color change. Not so sure that’s scientifically relevant and not pseudo-science, but instinctively relates to what we might think of in an accelerated Maillard reaction. Any notable color changes? …especially compared to your shipped product aged the old fashioned way?


Thank you …


How are you creating a vacuum for the process which is a (the) key component to sous vide,


There is no possibility of air insulating liquid in a container so the vacuum is not necessary.


Sous vide = under vacuum in french, I get ya but what is being attempted here is not much more than a hot/warm water bath obtainable in a sealed mason jar, but even in culinary applications vacuum is not always used from what I see. No Problem just curious, I am that way


The color changed a bit. Not equal to the time steeped bottles, but with 2 hours in sous vide the bottle got a light gold color



I`m trying to update here everyday!


im not creating the vacuum cause its very dificult to do this with a liquid. I`m just putting the 30ml bottle (caped) in the hot water. So the sous vide is working like a heater to fully control the temperature and the time of “cooking”


Its possible, but its very dificult and in my opinion it`s not necessary. We only need to choose the right plastic botle, cause there are some plastic that can release substances that can harm health.


I`m going to try to do one time with a sealed vacuum bag.

I dont have the vacuum machine but im going to get it from a friend that have

The results will be posted here



I think something got confused. The function of pulling a vacuum around meats, vegatables, etc is to keep the water off and not allow air to form around and insulate what is being cooked I.e. better heat transfer. Obviously with this application all parameters are less critical. My Sous Vide does a great job of maintaining 40c in the ejuice for the duration of a session. I keep the water bath slightly higher than the ejuice height in its bottle. I get no discoloration but to date I have only used the sv for up to 30 minutes. It’s a great no intervention way to perform a warmed setting time.


This sounds like the best reason, But it might be interesting too create a vacuumed container for the juice which would maybe prevent off gassing from the heat. A closed container I imagine helps, but it will still off gas, building pressure in the dead space. Or maybe I’m just not smart enough for the physics evolved and blow up my kitchen.

Edit: side note this may be a great way to maintain temperature for the Hot/cold Net extraction I use. beats the crock pot


Ya, that’s kind of a bug-a-boo. I need the head space for other parts of the process. Maybe someday it would be worth topping off a bottle completely or maybe even “burping” a canning jar to see what difference if any can be noted. I’ll add it to the list of things I want to try.


Absolutely un-scientific. Just something I decided to try. It is the best mix I have ever produced:

1/2 hour stirring mag stirrer
1 minute homogenizer
1/2 hour ultra sound
Put it in the Souse Vide at 40C and went to work
7.5 hours later, wow! Best mix yet.
Only a sampling of one so I’ll be trying more as soon as I vape some more, lol.


Do you mind sharing your recipe? I’m just curious if cream or custard is in this mix.


Don’t mind a bit. Real simple mix of sweet raspberry, peach, and some sweetener. Regardless, I can say this method produces much fuller, stronger flavors regardless of how long other methods sat. I will try some cream here soon and share the results. I have a strawberry cream that is getting pretty low. Won’t be long before I need to make a batch of that. Custards I will most likely never try as I don’t find them pleasing. Maybe @VMancini will have more to add per custards as he is obviously mixing a lot more juice. I refuse to sell my juices as I want to continue to enjoy this hobby and don’t need yet another job. I’m already in deep enough promising manufacturers and dealerships reviews. I’m at my limit with that as well. I enjoy reviewing and any more volume of reviews and I’m on track to another job.


@SmilingOgre is info re: your homogenizer posted elsewhere on ELR? We chat alot about “secret ingredients” in Commercial Juice …maybe it’s a more Technical mixing process


I wonder about that from time to time. It’s somewhat unfortunate, but I don’t have the wherewithal to put the necessary controls, time, effort, and money into really digging in and thoroughly testing. If I were to take a guess, I would guess that there are both involved. Having said that, I have mixes I like better than most commercial juices. That could also just be a function of my pallet. I don’t know my friend, but I’m always up to trying something to see if I can make things a little better.

I have probably mentioned the homogenier here and there but I don’t want to be overt in talking about it. I’m not doing anything that will result in definitive results. There are probably others that could better test.


@SmilingOgre nevermind Brofessor I just found. Thanks for the share!


As our friend @Sprkslfly said above, 1 hour in the sous vide represents like to 1 week in dark room. So, in my opinion, the best way is to do the e-liquid and steep it in the dark room first to take notes the right time for the best flavors. After that, calculate the equivalent time for the sous vide warm bath at 120 ˚F using 1 week = 1 hour