South |Africa

Good afternoon.

I am really looking for the plain Mojito (TFA) concentrate but cannot find it anywhere in South Africa. I have spoken to a couple of vendors locally, but no luck. It is apparently a hazmat item and therefore they don’t like bringing it into the country.

Is there any vendors from oversees that would be willing to ship to South Africa?

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I believe Chefs Flavours in the UK ships to SA, and they are also reasonable with their prices:


From my point of view, don’t even bother, chemical and not even close to the real thing.
Better if you do it yourself and play around with some Lemon Lime soda, Lime, brown sugar and mint, you’ll be better off!

I’d be carefull about the alcoholic part of it… not easy to replicate, that’s why I suggested LL Soda.

BTW it’s stuck somewhere in a drawer unused…