South Carolina Floods

Well in the aftermath of all the rain we had there are deaths, homes and businesses lost forever, a lot of families displaced while either waiting for a safe return to their homes or to find out if their homes are even inhabitable. Dams have broken, infrastructure is devastated, and lives forever changed.

Myself and family were extremely lucky. There are no major creeks or rivers near us and while we do live in a rather low-lying area, somehow we were spared. Others very near were not so lucky. But just because the sun is out here in SC doesn’t mean the danger is over. There is still a massive amount of upstream water that will continue making it’s way down here.

I want to extend a huge offering of prayer to those who were and may yet to be affected. I know of one other member, @Mourning_Glory, who lives near here. How are you my friend, good I hope!

Please let me know if you were affected by the recent flooding and if there’s anything you need, if I can provide it I will. God bless.


It’s a terrible situation there and SC and my prayers go out to all that was affected. We had a flood here in Nashville in 2010. 29 lives were lost. Luckily I live in an elevated area and wasn’t affected, but several friends and coworkers lost a lot.

#Nashville Flooding: At Least 29 Dead From Record Rains In Mid-South


I’m happy you and yours are OK and my thoughts go out to those less fortunate. Hopefully the rebuilding can begin soon.


Thoughts with you all!


Prayers for you and yours and @Mourning_Glory too!!


Thank you for your concern … I too was extremely lucky. I didn’t realize the elevation of my home was so high but I am truly grateful that all I experienced was minor flooding in my back yard. No water in my house. We lost power for a few hours and water for 2 days. Still having to boil water though.