Southern Comfort

I remember many moons ago I used to love the drink I was thinking the other day I may take a run at it for a vape. It used to be called cuffs and buttons by the original bartender that made it I bet the recipe has changed some since then but the original recipe is something like

Cuffs and Buttons

1 750-ml bottle of higher-proof bourbon
1 inch vanilla bean, split
1 inch cinnamon stick
4 cloves
18 dried cherries
1 dried apricot, halved
¼ orange, chunked
¼ lemon, chunked
¾ cup honey
⅓ cup peach brandy

some of the flavours may be hard to deal with - I am looking at you cherry. I think it would make a fantasic vape anyone want to have a run at it with me (I will need to add a few flavours to my stash to even start),


Lol Have you tried VZ gourmet sweet cherry. It is my go to cherry. Second is INW cherry. I like how ambitous this profile is though i wont be able to join you in your quest lol Had some unfortunate experiences with this drink in my youth blechhh


This thread title brings up many memories of me puking my guts up, thanks but no thanks…


I think we all did the same on the same drink - as I am older now and far more responsible (lmfao). I am thinking I will make it heavier on the bourbon and maybe a little lighter on the sweet than the original.


i have some RF bourbon SC that smells exactly like the real thing. might be able to start with this? dried cherries…hmmm, they taste kinda sweet/sour and a tad like cherry but not the candy type. that might be tough to replicate.

Ya I have the rf bourbon sc winging its way to me atm I expect it will be after xmas I see it - I have some rf cherry in the same order (yet to find a good cherry but rf hasn’t let me down yet so I have high hopes). Thinking I can sour them up a little if needed will have to wait until I get my hands on them.

You know, I’ve never actually had Southern Comfort. BUT I might be willing to go buy a bottle. For research purposes. :wink:
Sounds like it would be a tasty vape!


SoCo is still my lady’s drink of choice… It is a bit on the sweet side for me but I can stomach it lol. I prefer my drinks strait up no chaser… A good whiskey on the rocks and I’m set… I would be game to go at this one with you but I would definitely have to buy a lot more flavors… Let the journey begin :slight_smile: @woftam

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I can only drink the 100 proof, any other tastes like syrup.

In an episode of The Thirsty Traveler entitled “A River of Whiskey,” spirits historian Chris Morris describes the original recipe of Southern Comfort. Heron began with good-quality bourbon and would add: "An inch of vanilla bean, about a quarter of a lemon, half of a cinnamon stick, four cloves, a few cherries, and an orange bit or two. He would let this soak for days. And right when he was ready to finish, he would add his sweetener: he liked to use honey.