Southern Sweet Tea

Has anyone mastered the art of mixing a great sweet tea? I like strong tea, love that McDonald’s tea. Something like that?

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I don’t have a recipe but since you like your tea strong, I would suggest that Medicine Flower Black Tea flavoring would be your best bet for realistic taste. Haven’t tried it myself but that’s the way I’d go for sweet tea.

MF flavorings are typically much stronger than other brands so for mixing small test batches you would need to dilute them to about 10% strength. MF Flavorings are the most expensive I’ve seen but since they’re super concentrated you don’t need to use very much.

You can buy pre-diluted MF Black Tea at Vape Crafter. The price is quite high per ml but it would give you something to start with without spending much money.

If you like it and want to buy more, you can go to the Medicine Flower site and get a 15ml bottle of full-strength flavoring for $22, then dilute it yourself if necessary. If it takes 1% flavoring for your tea, that 15ml bottle would be enough to make 1.5 liters of juice.

One caution: I’ve heard that MF flavors can need a lot of steeping time, 3-4 weeks, so give your sample mixes enough time to ‘ripen’.


When I use Cap’s sweet tea around 4-6% it taste like good ol southern sweet tea I have added a drop or two of sweetener as well at times.


Thought I’d put my 0.02 on the tea thing since I’m constantly on the hunt for the best teas. So far, my favorite black tea is OSDIY’s Sweet Southern Tea (out of stock atm) :stuck_out_tongue: It is pretty close to perfect for that type of tea.


Thanks will try two of those. At $22 a bottle I’m not sure it’s in the budget. Maybe find a good fruit and add a little coolatta. ,

This company has a huge following for their teas. When I started vaping they were one of the first companies I tried. Didn’t float my boat. Looking at their tea menu gives you lots of ideas though.