(Spam) Sextortion email warning! (Summer 2019)

Looks like this has recently been making the rounds…

It’s finally found its way to my spam folder, and it DID include one of my old OLD passwords. Obviously there’s compromised sitelists making the rounds, so STAY ON GUARD! After all, you only have three days…

Whatever you do, as always, don’t click on any links in spam emails! :wink:

Safe web travels.


“You can life your live in peace like before”
I knew there was a reason I always taped over any cameras (that Kinect straight up watches all the time). Even though, this guy is just a schmuck.

Thanks for this @Sprkslfly!


Oh now that is a scary thought… but I did something to my cam and well it helps I am cam shy…
gee… :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t mind if people see my two-hander


Not surprisingly, the Kardashians are offering to publicly satisfy/satiate themselves - entirely free of charge:

Source: https://www.sheknows.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/iguanas-hollywood.jpeg


This is the EXACT reason I only allow cameras in the Exercise Room.

Haven’t been in there in years.



Something to note. If you use a web-based email (and actually use the on-line web view) to view emails then usually the software behind the website (such as hotmail) follows the links by “ghost clicking” the links (to create pre-views) when you open each mail. Even if you don’t click any links, most spammers (and legit bulk mailers, such as nationbuilder) can work out if your e-mail account is a valid and live account by traceback links.

A good reason to always use a real email client on your pc and download emails from on-line web-view based accounts. Also on the email client set “view as text only”, again to stop the software ghost clicking links.

Obviously if you use a phone as your main method of viewing emails, and/or a browser you may be SOL.

It should be noted, ghost clicking doesn’t compromise your account in anyway but it does mean a sender can know not only that you read the email, but also when you read the email.



I’ve had a few of these - I always copy the bitcoin address and report it here:
There are lists of cracked sites and lists of lists - you can check your email account and passwords if you want to here:
I see a couple of my very old passwords turned up (adobe was hacked a few years back - I used it to register some apps) so I’m on a couple of lists - among 770+ million others…


Smmfh… Go spam somewhere else. Thanks