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Special Pricing & Shipping for USA Customers

Special Pricing & Shipping for USA Customers

2 local warehouses in LA & NY, and a dedicated homepage for USA customers

Pricing & Reward Points

A. VIP Price – get better price after log in.

B. 5% Reward Points – get 5% Reward Points after order shipping.

Free Shipping Policy

Free Shipping Policy

Warehouses: Eastern USA, Western USA, HongKong, Shenzhen & Liquid warehouse
Highly recommend USA Warehouses

Shipping Arrangement

Shipping Arrangement

Shipping from USA local warehouses in priority,
Items not enough stock will shipped from HongKong or Shenzhen warehouses.

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I like this idea so I decided to explore the US warehouses. Not sure what to make of it though. As a test I created a customer account and signed-in.

I looked at a few products and right away noticed your pricing is mostly higher than other US vendors.
The product I looked was the Freemax Mesh Pro as I have been interested in this for a while now.
But it said Warehouse: SZ ?? But I thought I logged into US warehouse?
Looked at price. A little high. Then I remembered this:

So I logged out… and logged in again. Looked at Mesh Pro price. It was still the same.

But doesn’t this defeat the purpose of a US warehouse?

Long story short. A first time buyer who thought they were browsing a US warehouse sees inventory only in SZ.
First time buyer thinks they get a better price after creating account.
They do not.

Maybe I’m just confused and I’m not trying to be critical. But this did not work for me!

Hello, thank you for your interesting in. I can explain your confusion.

1, About the price: we have 10% off coupon, and after shipping, you will get 5% points back to your account, you can use this points in your second order. Also the us warehouse: $50 free shipping, $30 half shipping.

So take your mesh pro as example, the price you can get is :21.960.9=$19.76, after shipping you get 5% points, is 19.760.05=$1, so it can see as the final price is 19.76-1=18.76. And use $1 for your next order.


2 About the warehouse:
The product shows all the warehouse it has, the same item shows in stock in us warehouse, may there has one color or others colors there, so you can see there is 5 units in us warehouse, and 80 in sz warehouse.

Hope this can help you:blush:

Thank you. That helps.