Spot the difference (stash numbers, geeks only)

Can you spot the difference between these two recipes?



HINT: Numbers in [] are my bottle/stash numbers (and yeah - the warning icons disappeared - they’re down the back of the sofa.)


If anyone is even remotely interested in the code I’m happy to post it - it’s a bit long to post out of the blue.

Snippet: : adds your stash numbers (1st word of flavour notes) to recipes. Prompts for alternative flavours if you haven’t got them in your stash.

Instructions for use:

1. In ELR save your stash as an html (only) file say stash.html

2. In ELR save your recipe as an html complete file say recipe.html

3. In terminal: python -r recipe.html -s stash.html

Answer questions about substitutions if necessary.

Output file will be amended_recipe.html by default. Use -o outputfile to change.

Edit: Sheesh! - sorry about the formatting there - don’t know what happened?


Nice work! Very interesting idea.

Ha for me though the more warning signs the better. Could you write a script that takes non warning sign ingredients and replaces it with warning sign brand equivalents. Then I’m in.

Good work


Well I’d love to but then those nasty ketones and aldehydes would get you and then I’d miss your posts. :slight_frown:

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