SQ Emotion 316 Atomizer with extra decks and MTL kit from 2FDeal

The SQ Emotion 316 Atomizer with extra decks and MTL kit from 2FDeal is the best MTL rta for flavor that I’ve tried. It comes with several deck options and several screws for the center of the deck to control air flow restriction but don’t let that intimidate you. Watching PBusardo’s review for “The Stattqualm SQuape E[motion]” on YouTube was very helpful so check that out if you need help with this device. I found it quite easy to change the deck and to screw in the restrictor and I love that this tank comes with those options!

I haven’t tried it in direct lung mode yet but it gives a great MTL vape and the flavor is really amazing in this tank. I put in a flavor I’ve been vaping in a Kayfun and a Doggy Style tank and in the SQ Emotion the flavor is so much more nuanced and I can taste several dimensions that I couldn’t taste before so I am looking forward to trying more flavors in this tank.

It holds a ton of ejuice so it could easily last all day on one fill if you’re vaping mouth to lung. I would recommend that you go ahead and dedicate a needle nose bottle for filling this tank because even a small plastic tip bottle will not fit in the fill hole but with a needle tip bottle, there’s no problem. This is a great MTL tank and the flavor it produces is amazing compared to similar tanks, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the flavor. <3



I like the looks and sound of it.

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It’s great! This one is a clone and it’s under $30, the original is over $160 and reviews I’ve seen from folks who have tried both is that they are indistinguishable. I haven’t used the authentic version and this one is such good quality it really couldn’t be improved upon. I highly recommend the clone, the flavor is amazing!

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