Squape [E] on mech. Mod

Why do you want to use a mech mod?

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Thanks. Sweetspot ~ 14 Watts and Heatflux between 150-190mW/mm².

If your sweetspot is around 14 watts i would recommend you to not use a mech mod since you never hit 14 watts in such a device

In that case we are likely talking something around 1 ohm build, depending on what wire you will use.

Try to look at my example for 1 ohm using the 28g kanthal a1.


But i will as the others guys mention, consider if a mech is even the best choice for you.

Arg dammit, it seem like it makes some error while importing the settings. Anyway the settings would be something like:

Material: Kanthal A1
AWG: 28
Setup: Single
Resistance: 1.0 ohms
Inner diameter of coil: 2

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Thanks for all your answers. Is not that i have no knowledge. Iam a Vaper for 4 Years now!
At the beginning i vape sometimes the Nemisis with some Dripper, but the most time i use regulated Mods.
I think my knowledge is good in Theorie, but i dont Vape very deep subohms much times.

This is the wattage i pull out of my mech approximately when i vape on it with the current build. And as you can see it is far from 14 watts. That wattage goes down when the voltage drops.

If you have any doubts about how to use steam engine to calculate the different things, i will be happy to guide you in the right direction with those.

The resistance matters a lot in this case.

Nothing to consider, believe me that if 14 watts is your sweet spot, use a regulated device. If it’s the small size of a mech mod that makes it attractive to you, then go with a small 75 watt, 1 X 18650 regulated device. There are plenty of small, cheap ones out there.

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I said with my current build which is far lower than 0.2Ω

Yeah or even a regulated pen style device that can be set to 14 watts.

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Thats really much Watts. I dont like to go so deep with my Ohms. I dont like to use more than ~25 Watts and not to go much deeper than 0.5 Ohms in general!

Then mech mods are definitely not for you.

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If that is how you feel i would say forget using a mechanical tube mod. Stick with regulated devices since you can set the wattage to fit whatever build you got.

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But i have some nice mech Mods and i want also use them.

I dont have my mech. Mods to use deep Subohms, but i have them also because they dont die so quickly like regulated Mods. Sure with regulated Mods its more easy, but I want not sell my nice mech. Mods now!

Not at all …

That is totally beside the point here. First of all, my first example was a followup on Robes example that gave 1.5ohm build, but wouldnt come close to anything that i personally would think was a proper heatflux.

Also, that you personally think that is one thing, but yet then mechs was popular way before people started to build sub ohm builds.

That it would make more sense for him to use a regulated device is a whole other thing. Personally i think it would be better, since he even ask this question to begin with, which only tells me he doesnt know enough to play around with mechs just yet. So again, last thing i will do is recommend a 0.15 ohm build, without even knowing what batteries he got in his mech or for that matter, if he would even be pleased with a sub ohm vape.

One thing seem clear to me here, it is that Zugmaschine doesnt have the basic knowledge for making sub ohm mech builds (no offence, everyone have been there) so even suggesting this is IMO dangerous, specially since i havent seen anyone even ask what batteries he got to use in that mech.

First things first, hence why i try to get the information needed to suggest proper builds.

Saying that mech isnt for him based on his preferred builds is the wrong reasons, because there would be much better reasons for why he shouldnt use a mech. If he would prefer mech even with above ohm, nothing wrong with that at all, it actually used to be quite normal.

I got a friend that wanna start using mechanical mods and i tell him to forget it since he doesn’t understand how a mechanical mod works and what you need to learn in order to use them safely.
And to top it off he got no interest in educating himself in the use of a mech mod with ohms law and all that either which makes it even worse.

From my experience some people should just stay away from mechanical mods all together.

If you have mech mods and you dont wanna vape at higher wattages i would say use them as decorations in your book shelf or something and forget the whole idea about mechanical mods.

Sorry if me being honest makes me sound like a dick.

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