Squape [E] on mech. Mod

What is a good Coilsetup for Squape on mech. Mod, to have much wires,
for good smell, and small enough to have a long Vapetime, with one 18650?
(I have Kanthal ( 0,2mm, 0,25mm, 0,32mm) and SS316 ( 0,3mm) )

Use steam engine to calculate the resistance and wattage based on your battery voltage. When doing this, make sure you wont push the amp more than the battery that you got can handle.

Then use the coil calculator to calculate the coil build that will fit the resistance and provide a proper heatflux for your linking matching the wattage.

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Is that mech mod you have a hybrid or does it have a 510 connection?
If it is a hybrid i wouldn’t put that tank on it since it might make your battery short out and blow up.

Generally never put a tank (rta, rdta) on a hybrid mech mod since most of them have a floating 510 pin which makes it dangerous to use on those.

Always make sure you got a protruding 510 pin when you use an atty on a hybrid mech mod.


Just made a fast google image search, and it doesnt look like the 510 on this atty protrudes much, so very good pointing that out!!!

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i had a squape, it was the first rta i tried to mod by drilling out the air hole for bigger airflow, lets just say it hasn’t worked since. from memory i used to put 28g 9 wraps in there. 6 if spaced. its good its got the placement to hold the rod across aye. not sure about working on a mech, the 510 isnt really adjustable from memory. the anoying thing i remember was the part you tightened down on the coil is actually a threaded bolt istself. one of mine i couldnt undo, just spun in place once it got down there, and the other went down just far enough so that the rod itself, so your tightening down a screw that has its threading inside another rod that is into the deck, 1 was shy of the surface and made contact with the top. causing a short. you will know what i mean. was so annoying. big waste of money. the deck tho. thats some solid steel.

wait i just checked. we are talking about the original squape?

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If you make a single build with 9 wraps Kanthal A1 with 2mm inner diameter, you would hit around 1.5ohms. That will be roughly 7 to 11 watt doing the battery drainage. This will give a heatflux around 120 mW/mm². Not sure how satisfying such heatflux would be on a above ohm build though.

Talking such thing as ohm, then maybe you would like to provide some info about what your prefer ohms is, and what heatflux is your sweet spot as well. That would make it a lot easier to suggest a good build for you.

Anyway, as Norseman is pointing out, then i am not even sure this atty would be suitable to use on a mech.

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what gauge a1?

If it is 28g as in your example.


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For the most part, mech mods are way more suited to low ohm builds, 0.1 - 0.15 ohms, anything much higher than that and there is no point using a mech mod, especially if battery life is important to you.

The Mod i have, is a Woodpecker from Sarumods. He have both (Hybrid & 510)
I want use it with Hybrid!
My Tank is the new Squape Emotion. This Tank has a 510 Pin whitch i can screw how i want it.
So i think is ok to use it on a Hybrid-Connection.

Looks like the 510 protrudes a fair bit on that one.

Is not the battery-life in general.
Is only to have a good vape also when the Volt is down to 3.2-3.4!
And not to have a long delay by firing.

On a Hybrid i will screw it out so far i need.

Then the ohm range I mentioned 0.1 - 0.15 is what you need. You could try 0.2 but I doubt you’ll enjoy it.

Maybe try to hit 1 ohm using Kanthal 28g. 1 ohm will give you roughly 10 to 16 watt doing the battery drainage. Making the 1 ohm build with 28g kanthal A1 will give you a heatflux from 180 to 284mW/mm².

I never vaped anything else than sub ohms, so i dont know what the prefered heatflux would be in general, and also what your personal sweet spot is.


But again, using the 2 links in my first post, will be useful for you to calculate these things.

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A 1ohm build on a mech mod is rediculous.
If you’re thinking of going even anywhere close to1ohm, forget about a mech mod.


I would use that tank on a regulated device to be honest, protruding 510 or not. As benjy already been into it makes no sense using a mech mod when the ohm is over lets say 0.2Ω.

I personally never go that high on any of my mech mods.

You would be better of getting an RDA to use on a hybrid mech mod instead of an RTA.

And do educate yourself on mechanical mods, ohms law and stuff like that before doing something you will regret.


Agree, but we are yet to know what his prefered ohm and heatflux is, which i have previously requested.

I am not going to recommend a low ohm build for this guy yet, before we know more here. Considering we are talking about a mech, i wont recommend anything to someone who ask a question without giving enough useful information to determine if he has the knowledge and equipment needed for low builds.

I have requested that he would provide info about his preferred ohms and heatflux.

is also my knowledge!

You shouldn’t continue vaping on batteries that are as low as 3.2 volt since it shortens the life span of the batteries.