Squeeze bottle that doesn't seep?

I can second dropper bottles, reason I didn’t recommended it was that you can only buy bulk. And who wants 100 bottles or more to see if they work for them? Lol

The glass bottles are great too just in case you need some of these aswell .


I’ve ordered quite a bit from dropperbottles.com and they are cheap, and fast shipping. The thing about those little, stout gorillas as they can vary wildly between manufacturers. I’ve got some where you can fairly easily remove the top, wash, refill, but others you have to use channel locks to get them to pop off. Same with the caps/tips/tips cap clearance. I got a bag of 20 (can’t remember where from) but they are great, bone dry caps even after multiple fills. Gotta figure out where I got them from.


Hmmm, I see dropperbottles.com has upped the ante, added and changed their site. VERY nice indeed. These look interesting…


Looks like the same guy runs an ejuice company too !!!

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I like dropperbottles.com.

If you give them a try use discount code : DIY