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Squeeze bottle that doesn't seep?


At first it was funny but now it just bugs me. My Gorilla bottles slowly seep inside of their zip lock bag and it’s always a one each gooey mess. Hate reaching into the thing. Anybody know a squeeze bottle that doesn’t do this? Need something better for juice on the go.


Mine don’t, but I’m certainly not going to try and recommend them. Last thing I need is an Ogre pissed off at me if they fail for him.


Oh hell, live a little. Make the recommendation. Like playing Russian Roulette. It’ll be fun!!!


http://wholesale.heartlandvapes.com/eliquid-bottle-100ml.html but I didn’t actually say I recommend them!!! So don’t eat my kids.


I’m very happy with these


Thank you sir. Your children are probably safe. If their like most children today they have no muscle therefore no meat. The only muscle they have is in their thumbs from tapping the screen on their phone.


Thank you. Looks good.


You are so wrong. They like PS4.


@SmilingOgre What size/manufacturers bottles are you talking about ? Smaller, finished mixed bottles, or bigger storage bottles ?

If the smaller ones, i.e. 30-60ml finished mixed bottles I use a lot of them, and although they don’t leak enough to make a mess in a ziplock (I don’t keep any of my juice bottles in ziplock bags, only my amber glass NIC storage bottles in the freezer), I have noticed that the tips and caps get rather messy, and I have to towel them off from time to time. On my regular 30-60ml LDPE and PET finished mix bottles I never have a problem, bone dry. I wonder if you’re experiencing the same issues with Gorilla’s that I am, maybe to a greater degree ??


Ya, I keep the finished mixes in Boston round but I like to carry a few in a back-pack for work or out and about. So it would be the “bone dry” that I would be interested in.


Thanks for clarifying that. As far as a “bone dry” Gorilla type bottle, I’ve not witnessed them yet. Although I’ve noticed a small amount of leaking, just the tip, and cap, wherein I dry off with a paper towel after a few days, I’ve had no leaking like you’ve experienced. You clearly are a WISE Ogre in wanting a clean/dry/carry about option. I wish they could make the gorilla’s as tight and dry as the long used LDPE toss about bottles.


You know what @SmilingOgre now that I think about it, hehe (old age, i.e. remembering), I actually did a TEST, by taking a small piece of paper towel, and kind of packed it into a gorilla bottle top, but literally JUST the tip of the cap, not the whole cap, because I assumed it was a looser cap fit, which was allowing a small amount of liquid that came out of the tip, to seep into the cap, and go from there. I actually DID have good results with that. This of course assumes a loose cap to tip gap, and when inserting the small amount of paper towel, worked to close that gap. Maybe this helps, or maybe you come for my children !!!


I’m seeing a common tread here, so to speak. Think I’ll give some of the LDPE bottles a go.


Sorry Ogre, but didn’t want to give you false hope. I really like the short, squat 60ml. shortie/fattie gorilla (newer style), but don’t have any other than for my flavors.


I think the ones that @anon44944642 provided a link for are about the same as what you are describing. Worth a shot.


Oh great. He’s pinning my name to this. Remember, the kids are doughy and gristly. You don’t want them!!!


Sorry @SmilingOgre I said 60ml shorties, really they are 30ml shorties. I don’t know if the caps are different on these or not, or if the tip to cap gap is closer, but these are about the only ones I’ve had no seepage from. Haven’t used this vendor, but for reference …


Perfect, thanks!


I like these and do not have a problem with seeping. I Have not seen a bottle yet that after a couple refills and use that doesn’t get that pesky bit of liquid inside the tip of the cap. They are a US based supplier and I have had good luck with them. I prefer the 60mm wide mouth.


Alright David!!! Lovin it! Not worried about the tip of the cap, no problems. It’s when I put a dozen Gorilla bottles in a zip lock (because the seep), reach in and come out with sticky finger syndrome that I get annoyed.