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Squid Industries PeaceMaker RTA and Double Barrel v.3 Mod Review by SessionDrummer


I sure like the look of that mod :+1:


Ooorah @Chuck4 !!!


Thanks @woftam. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Nice looking mod. I currently have the voopoo drag but am having some firing issues. Can this mod and rta fit in your pants pocket? I typically carry the drag in my pocket with a sub ohm tank no problem.

I have been thinking about an RTA but was turned off on rebuildables by the Drop RDA. Could never get it right. This seems simple enough I may be able to build on it.

Thanks for the review!


It’s heavy, but I have it my pocket right now @scifoc, and thank you.


@SessionDrummer Have you tried any other tanks on the mod? Just wondering how it looks really, how limited you are to using them as a matching set?


I’m driving currently, will try to stack a few on it later tonight. 25ml and under, don’t think you can go wrong IMO.


No worries mate, was more of a passing thought than anything :grin:



Great review, nice illustrations


Blimey, you went to town on that dude! I still think it looks great, hope you’re still enjoying it.


Thank you very much @cosmictruth.


Signs point to YES @bikesandbacon.


Damn. I want to order one. Price tag is making me pause though. $89 is about the best price I can find from a company called Vape Dispatch. Ah snd they are sold out. Looked at squid website. Looked at getting the mod and tank. they tack on CA sales tax of almost $16.00 and min shipping is almost $8.00. sigh


Thought squid forgave the sales tax. Shows on the invoice but not reflected in the total.


Getting ready to order one of these. waiting to hear back from Squid about the CA sales tax. I see EVCigarettes has them for $99 but they have a 10% off coupon and free shipping. Never heard of them though.


I’ve used EV before. They’re legit.


Nice review i just ordered the rda in black.
Im thinking it will have a good home on here


Thanks a lot @GuernseyNick.