SS nasties?

Hey y’all
I was just searching youtube for single coil ss builds. I found one I’m definitely going to try (, but in the comments below I found this…

“Adrian Reyes
11 months ago
be careful that you don’t get the coil too hott in watt mode because it could release hexavalent chromium. this is toxic and stainless steel releases this when it gets tooo hot so I would stay on tc mode”

Did I not do my homework properly??.. I’ve never heard this before :flushed:. I’ve always considered ss to be relatively safe & inert in any mode! .

If used correctly Ti is too, but as we know, has to be treated differently to other wire - no dry burning etc. & use in tc mode. Now, I’m not about to jump to any drastic conclusions before I follow this up, but if Mr Reyes is on the money, perhaps ss should be treated the same way as Ti? What are your thoughts?

I looked at this a while back and from memory the temps required to produce hexavalent chromium are well over 1200 C it can be produced by welding or plasma cutting SS. I am not sure any mod would be able to produce the temperature require to produce hexavalent chromium but I am just a lay person when it comes to this I am sure someone here would have a greater grasp than I.


Non issue at vaping temps. Hexavalent chromium can be formed at or near the melting point but thats far from what we use. Even when dry burning it’s fine.


when i read this all i can picture was julia roberts in the movie Erin Brokovich ( im sure the last name is spelled wrong )


Reassured! thanks for your comments @woftam & @louiesquared! I couldnt remember seeing any “red flags” when I originally looked into using ss …but, based on my prior experience at school, the possibility that I hadn’t done my homework properly, was not entirely beyond the bounds of probability lol


Ya bro you spelt Roberts right


Its only an issue in welding stainless steel, if your coil is melting then your doing something wrong …lol. Seriously though after extensive research on this issue i came to the conclusion ss is the safest by far for me.


Geezzz what’s up with all these type of warnings all over the internet lately? I’ll add my own carefully about vaping next to a person who farted in the past minute. The methane gas might get sucked in your airflow and fill you lungs with other people’s shit


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