St. Louis DIY Supplies?

Just seeing if any St. Louis area vapors knew of any place to purchase PG/VG, Flavors, etc. locally instead of online sites. Any help or ideas would be a big help. Thanks.


I moved away from St. Louis 20 years ago, but a Google search of “DIY vapor St Louis” turned up some results

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Cake decorating shops can carry flavorings as does Michaels craft stores but both are usually LorAnn flavors and they tend to be on the lower end of the choices in general use. I’ve got a dozen or so and they are the last ones I’ll reach for as they run far more artificial and chemical tasting to me.

Do look close at the labels as the Oils are not suitable for vaping.
(LA) also offers a clear no color version of some like the watermelon if I remember.
VG can be found at most Pharmacies in the first aid section in a 177ml bottle.
You’ll pay far less online by the quart.

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There’s only one option that I’ve found (in North St Louis area), and that’s VapeMall’s little satellite shop in St Charles. (Their main shop is another 40+ minutes away, out around St Peters or Wentzville IIRC).

They play the “we don’t list the brand name” game, but many are easily identifiable (because at least they don’t change the name). If you’re nice and friendly with them though, they will usually tell you which is which.

Price is a bit prohibitive (compared to online), but, they are great for “in a pinch” situations, and they don’t water things down! They’re good friendly honest folk, and flavors isn’t their main game, so you can’t really fault them for the pricing.

They also have military discounts! :wink:
So, if you’ve served, don’t hesitate to ask!

If you find any other sources in metro StL, feel free to share your find(s) and experiences as well please! :thumbsup:


I thought their main shop was by Mid Rivers. They have a satellite in Wentzville I used to get stuff from, but it just felt so dirty and gross I stopped using them.


Ooooh! You’re “right!” It wasn’t St Charles, it’s Mid Rivers! (Sorry about that OP!)

The shop on Mid Rivers is definitely the satellite. As they directed me to “the main shop” out in Wentzville, where I got to speak with one of the co-owners for well over an hour (a year or two ago).

The shop in Wentzville isn’t a Macy’s or Famous-Barr by any means, but when I went, it was clean, well lit, and organized. No idea about the “normal” or current state of things, as I’ve only ever made 1 trip out there.