Staggered Fused Clapton

Been going through a few different types of coils lately, and have mostly been using twisted fused claptons. I was wondering if anyone had performance advice on how well the staggered fused claptons work?

From what I hear, they hold a bit more liquid than the regular, fused ones do. Overall, I cannot imagine that flavor is any better, but I figured I would give them a try. I do believe that the twisted ones spit a bit more, but that comes from how much cotton you stuff in (more cotton = more spit from my experience).


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I don’t know how much of this is just in my head and what any actual differences might really be. Staggered fused Claptans didn’t do anything for me that a two strand fused Clapton would do. I do like parallel better than twisted. Seems to me like flavor is better in most attys. My goto build has been a 2x28-36SS lately. Enough resistance to get between a .2 and .3 ohm in most dual coil build deck. I get flavor I enjoy and enough fog to satisfy the lungs. With all that written, It’s mostly dependent upon how my taste buds are feeling at the moment. Sometimes ice cream. Sometimes dill pickles.


I have a staggered fused clapton build in my atty now. I really don’t notice any difference over a comparable regular fused clapton, in my opinion


Most of the different builds are the same, I think the only changes from one style to another, are in our heads. I was just wondering if anyone had stumbled across anything that actually made a difference flavor-wise or other.

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There are certainly more crevices for juice to flow in the staggered claptons.


I started building Stainless steel 24 g spaced coils I like it so far


I am about to start using SS myself, I hear it has a cleaner taste. Is the spacing in the coils of any advantage to you?