Stainless Steel Brushes to Clean Titanium coils

My only negative re: Ti coils has been the inability to dry burn when re-wicking. It’s not really hard to clean them, just not as easy and frying the crust off a Clapton. We had a SquidDoode video posted recently showing him brushing his coils with a small stainless brush but that doesn’t go inside, and my single Ti wire coil is very soft and likely would not hold up as well as his fused Clapton to that toothbrush-sized brush …what to do?

How about some small airbrush cleaning brushes from Walmart for $6 I’m sure we could find them cheaper, but these look like they could easily clean the coil inside and out


Nice! I’ve thought about this a lot when cleaning coils. I always think, “Man, some steel wool or something would work really well right now…” Those look perfect. I have a little brush that I use but it’s one of those plasticy ones for cleaning water bottle straws. Not quite as good. Thanks for the link!! :slight_smile:


That was my big issue with Ti but those brushes will work if you have a delicate hand.

I say this because years ago I did tattooing and had those brushes here long before I started vaping. I tried using them for Ti wire cleaning but if your hands are the least bit shaky like mine are now(that is why I no longer tattoo) you risk damaging the coil while cleaning.

I gave up on Ti and now only use 316L because of the ease of cleaning.

Good find and share this could help many Ti users.


Nylon bristles…think they’re stiff enough? Ive already located similar brushes on Amazon that come in the proper sizes…I’m ordering em. Ill report my findings. Good find, B!


Actually ended ordering several different kinds, including some steel and brass brushes. Again, will report


They sell the nylon version of the brush in the link at Harbor freight pretty cheap.

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I’ve got a few of those nylon brushes that I’ve gotten from my mouth hygienist for flossing and tried one of them on my coils. I usually use a small toothbrush to clean coils. The nylon brush works pretty good to get inside and in between when the coil is spaced.


any reviews on the brushes guys? :slight_smile:

I gave up on titanium because I never could get it to vape no matter how I built my coil or even with store bought atomizer coils, not the pre-made ones.