Stainless steel / Nickel clapton

Was hoping I could find something like this for sale, but had to abandon the couch and make it myself. 24g 316L stainless steel and 30g nickel. This is a good combo, real good flavor and vapor production with no metallic taste like kanthal claptons. Next up is SS/Ti…


You were using them with temp control? How did you get on? What settings etc…?

Yes, they are for TC. They work well in Ni mode setting on RX200 and Evic Mini. I’ve pushed temps up into the 500’s and wattage into the 80’s, but have settled out at 420 degrees/72 watts. A very “clean” vape.

I’ve just ordered some more ti 22-24-32g and some 304ss 24-26g 316l ss 24-26-32g and i will try claptons with ti and ss see how i get on. I will not use ni200 but thats just my preference.
Thanks for your input. :yum:

Yeah, I don’t really like nickel but it was all I had. Have some higher gauge Ti on the way. 316/317 seems to work better for me than 304. It has less chromium but a little more nickel (18/8, 16/10) and moly to make it more corrosion resistant. Then there is 430 which has no nickel or moly, and is in the middle on chromium content. This is my favorite at this time, but can be hard to find. These guys have it;


I can get 430 but dont have a mod that will run it in tc. All the other mods i have can’t adjust for the tcor. It’s too high.
Busy looking into a dna200 the vi133 dual 18650 mod might just see the difference with that mod.

Hadn’t thought of that. If you do get a dna200, steamengine has a .csv that works well. I have the VT200 and was interested in the VT133 but the looks are kind of disappointing. The dna board in my Hcigar suddenly decided it didn’t like 316/317 anymore, and won’t recognize it as TC wire. 430 works just fine…weird

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Johan or Pattie i use 316L SS i have been wanting to make a clapton with it but did not know how. how do you think nichrome 60 would work?

I was really wondering about that… Can you mix metals in Clapton coils?

Most commercial clapton (coaxial) wire for sale is kanthal/kanthal or nichrome. So yes nichrome will work, although I have not personally used it. When mixing metal types, the electricity will for the most part follow the path of least resistance. If you want TC, that wire ie; nickel, Ti, NeFe is wrapped around your core wire(s) so it makes contact with the atty posts. At least that is the my understanding :slightly_smiling: