Stand alone flavors

Have you tried any of Inw duets?

No, I haven’t. Have you?

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of single flavor mixes. It’s like throwing a party and your the only one there. I have tried one recently, moonson FA, it was ok/good…but it wasn’t a party. When I can get my hands on the next new FA cake flavor that will start out as a single flavor test.

So typically I approach single flavors tests as double flavor tests. Mix a fruit with some fresh cream, mix Tabbaco with a bit of vanilla and caramel, or anything with Vienna cream FA. It’s still simple enough for me to start dreaming about layoring flavors and still enjoyable enough to finish the test bottle.

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lol while I understand what you are saying, but sometimes you may just want a peach and not a cobbler…

So very very true. I don’t have the percents in front of my but my favorite fruitie testing mix for FA flavors are, if I were to recal…1-3% fruit x FA, 1% fresh cream FA, and 1% Vienna cream. For my taste abilities I don’t find the Vienna and fresh cream takes away from the fruit (and not really a creamy flavor as well) but allows those weird chemically punches I run into from standalone flavors to dissipate…but that’s me and I know I’m an odd duck.

No, but got a few from Poland the other day. Guess I’ll try 3,4 and 5% in max vg and 30% pg side by side and see what happens

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This one is a VERY good Stand-alone fer shur…

Soho Loner

0.2% Smooth (TPA)
10% Soho (FA)

Flavor total: 10.2%
Remember to rate it at:

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Lot of good stuff here I have been having a hard time getting dialed in again the only thing stable is 80% vg different builds different wire stress bumping nic I was down to 3 now 5 I have been running from 8.5 watts MTL to 48 watts DL now mix temperature control in there .I use to have a strawberry banana or strawberry watermelon at 18 to 19 % total flavor I could vape for weeks at 24 + or - 6 watts now just can not come up with anything that i really enjoy I believe I have over complicated the hole DIY deal


Scott Bonner [a.k.a igetcha69] - one of the original vaping youtubers, has a simple Lemon meringue [I think it’s Capella’s?] single mix in his top 5 juices of all time. But, then again … his #1 is Titan fluid’s plain tobacco

Well it sounds like you like to experiment…What I do is get a few into steep and vape current favorites that I made by sticking to fundamentals (generally standalones I have figured out)…and during that time, play around with mixtures and such…different steep times, post mixing treatments…have not experimented with equipment, other than trying different wicking materials…

When I started 6 months ago I took the 60 flavors I bought and mixed them max recommended in vg. Still have them but only cap caramel after 6 months steep seems possible stand alone. Since then I have got 300 more so I guess I need to mix them and see what happens. I have no idea what most of my flavors taste like alone lol. Probably why I have never made my own recipe

It’s definitely easier to test them as SAs as you get them than to go back and do it once you have a lot of them. I am working my way through all of mine just to get a feel for them and their strengths. It’s a slow process. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tried the crime brûlée at 3% shake and vape. Wow! Crazy good! That’s what I’m talking about!
After 3 days though( diff bottle) seems a little weaker. Is it just me or have u noticed this as well?

Hmmm… I haven’t noticed it. Nope. Vaping it now again and this was last mixed on 01/23. Love it.

I’ll co-sign the lemon cake, probably my second favorite single flavor. They really should have named it lemon pound cake though… Its a dense, fairly dry, and they even nailed the outside “crusty layer” which is obviously more pronounced in a pound cake.


Hello all

I am new to vaping and would like to say that all these posts have been awesome. I have just started DIY due to the prices of ejuice in South Korea. I am wondering where is the best place to start with mixing. I am wanting a 30 pg 70 vg mix. I also want to chase the flavor due to finding something to replace the love/habit of smoking. I have the H-PRIV 220W TC. How ever i usually have 200-190 watts to give away. I just ordered the 1.8 Plus-Ohm coils for the TVF4 Micro that it came with.

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Did not read the whole thread but Real Flavors has a lot of great standalone flavors: Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Aged Bourbon Cream, Bread Pudding, French Toast, etc.

Here: Guide
Here: Resources


I have to agree on this. I like most of them that I have tried as single flavor. The VG versions at between 12% to 16% but the SC versions seem best between 1.5% to 3%.

I am also doing a lot of Naturally Extracted Tobacco and finding that they work best as a stand alone flavor.


First, decide what taste(s) you want to vape. Do you want to still have the tobacco flavor…but without
the dangers of smoking? Want a taste like your favorite cereal, pastry, fresh fruit, etc…or even a mix
of any/all?

The best beginning is to make a simple recipe that you can enjoy right after you mix it…so you have some vape fuel…then immediately make something to let age…so you will leave it alone.

When you decide what taste(s) you want, many on here will gladly help you find an easy recipe for shake-n-vape
to get you going.
I am guessing you hit mouth-to-lung by the choice of your coils.

In the meantime, I highly suggest you read this thread (below), especially the first half, as you get up to speed with all
of the other great tools/help on both ELR sites. @Scottes777 has compiled more info in one area, especially for beginners, than I believe you will find anywhere else.
Please read :