Stand alone steeping

Do stand alone mixes need to steep? For example; I just mixed up a batch of Butter Pecan, max VG, 8mg Nic. Do I need to let it steep for a couple weeks or is it good to go as a snv?


Yes, Some flavor profiles need time to mature. Even as a standalone. I am of the opinion that SFM require less time then more complex mixes, But yes


Go ahead and snv. See how it tastes and then try it at one week. To be honest, for most of my single flavor testers I normally steep for a week. I may not get the full potential, but it allows me the oppurutnity to learn about the flavor. And for even more honesty I often have fresh cream and marshmallow FA in my testers.


I agree with @Chrispdx , try it right away to see what it’s like. I always try to test new mixes (SA or not) within 24-48 hours just to see what it’s like fresh. But most likely it’ll improve with steeping (like most things do).


You must have been steeping for a while now…

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on 1st hand i would say that steeping is something personally… if you like your mix as a shake and vape then it’s fine… do it that way :slight_smile:

on 2nd thought is that no matter what the Vg/PG ratio steeping is always a good thing…imho and experience my mixes (70/30 VG/PG up to 90/10 vg/pg) i always see differences in taste while steeping them like 40days… after that they’re completely stable… even the STand Alone Flavor Mixes…

it’s just your choice…

gl and hf :slight_smile:

I am looking at the flavor profiles and see it has the single flavor percentages etc. I don’t see any steeping info on whether it should be steeped or not.

Any advice on if single flavors need steeping?


Perhaps a search in the forums (using the magnifying glass) and using keywords such as:

flavor name, brand, steeping

Eg: Bavarian tfa steeping

Or even more simple: steep time

This turned up 50 results instantly. Several of which cover multiple flavors as a topic


This is only rouge estimate. Mint and menthol - Most of those I’ve used are good shake and vape but mellow and get smoother over time. Fruit and candy - are often S&V but will change over time either mellowing or a few will get stronger. Creams, coffee, tea and bakery - a few might be S&V but most are better with a week to a month steep. Custards - are usually best with over a month steep. I’ve heard differing views about tobacco, chocolate and nutty flavors but I don’t use them very much so I really shouldn’t advise.

Keep in mind this is a very simplified generalization. Many flavors act differently for different people.


Some chocolate will show nicely after a week but i usually leave it for 2. I don’t have much experience with nuts (except the crew who frequent elr) but the few I have made are a 3- 4 week wait.


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