Starting DIY juice looking for help/advice

HI, My names Bam 35yrs old and I’m from Windsor Ontario, Canada. So I’ve finally decided to start DIY ejuice. Done my research on how to make via youtube/forums etc and putting in a order soon to buy what I need to get started. I just have a few questions. 1) What flavors companies should I stay away from or really bad flavors? 2) Is there a list of flavors somewhere to show which flavors are Diacetyl Free etc? 3) What are some great stand alone flavors to make a simple juice with just 1 flavor? 4) When a flavor has a warning that it may crack tanks, is it still safe to use in a HDPE Bottle? 5) Where can I get glass syringes?, cant seem to find any where I live so far and I suck with google searches. 6) Where can I get 100mg nic base here in Canada. Don’t wanna deal with customs here cuz there a joke and only place I’ve found has 48mg 7) Recipe Page, who has some great simple recipes to start out with in Higher VG ratios.

My setups are a Protank 3+ eleaf istick mini, Nautilus mini+eleaf istick 20w and Atlantis+eleaf istick 50w. I currently like 3mg nicotine and anything over a 75%VG since anything lower I break out in a rash from the PG. My plan soon is to start getting into dripping as well, if any advice there on a cheap and great RDA that be great too.

Sooo, here are some of the flavors I plan on ordering soon,
Bubblegum (TFA) 30ml
Marshmellow (TFA) 30ml
Watermelon (TFA) 30ml
Blackberry (TFA) 30ml
Vanilla Swirl (TFA) 30ml
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 30ml
Sweetener (TFA) 60ml
Fuzzy Navel (FW) 30ml
Vanilla Custard V2 (CAP) 30ml

Hoping to make a watermelon bubble gum, Blackberry Swirl, Strawberry Custard and a few on there own. If you’ve made it this far I thank you for your time, patience and any advice you have to offer.

PS: Been on the recipe page, I’ve been a little skeptical about trying some of these since most people don’t seem to mention how it turned out. I think it would be very beneficial to everyone if there was a mandatory drop down option to fill out before you posted your recipe live. Like how long steeped, shaken daily/shaken weekly or whatever. This seems to be a great place to be and just thought I would give a little constructive criticism while I’m here. Happy Vaping and Have a great day and stay off those STINKIES :stuck_out_tongue:


There is topic I have open and I address my experiences and where I am at with mixing and where I buy everything from. I suggest going to read it, may answer some of your questions. It’s titled “How do you mix: By weight or by syringes”.

I guess I should also say that most of the time, if you email a vendor directly they will send you a list of all their flavors that have any diketones in them and the percentage used.

Here is some advice on dripping I posted in a different thread; "I reckon I will shed some of my personal experience here. I have owned several RTA systems including one of the first kayfuns. I actually learned to rebuild on those tiny little heads. I first bought replacement heads, but as everyone can see, that gets quite expensive. So I got some kanthal and learned to build coils. Then came my sub-ohm ventures which ultimately led me to buying several dripper’s.

I’m not trying to steer one away from a RTA, but if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind sub-ohm tapes, I would recommend buying a $8-10 decently reviewed atomizer of your choice from fasttech. Nothing can compare to a sub-ohm vape like a dripper.

Now there are many out there that would argue the fact of having to refill the dripper all the time. Let me just tell you something, I bought a logo-less Mutation X off of fasttech. I’m actually vaping it RIGHT this second and it has a MASSIVE juice well. I can fill the juice well up and get about 8-12 pulls depending on the size before I even notice my coils are starting to dry out. This thing is one of my favorite atomizers and I have about 12 drippers in my collection.

I didn’t come here to say ‘go get yourself a dripper’. I share my experience with you because I read the part of you wanting a nice sub-ohm vape.

Forgot to mention I vape in the 0.2-0.4Ω range."

With that said, buy a Mutation X off of fasttech, read the reviews as to which one to buy. Either that or I just bought a new Pollux RDA and am in love with it as well. Angelcigs has some cheap RDA’s and have a US warehouse for faster delivery.

Thanks very much

I edited my post with some more information for you. :thumbsup:

I will let the more experienced people handle most of your questions. But, daath keeps a pretty good updated list of flavors on ELR that have warnings. Any flavor that has the triangle sign has some sort of warning, be it added coloring, oil, diketones, or known tank cracker. Not sure if there’s a specific “diacetyl free” list, but it is pretty easy to search that list or just decide based on the flavors needed for a recipe you like.

If you aren’t sure about a recipe and don’t want to risk the nic liquid you can always mix up a recipe without in a small volume. I’m pretty liberal with my mixing (bad habit, I know) but I’ve been pretty lucky so far. I’ve only had a couple of bottles that were un-vapable and un-savable and had to be dumped. I put off DIY forever because I just didn’t know where or how to start. Then one day I said ‘screw it’ and ordered some nic, PG, and a few flavors, dumped them together, and vaped it. LoL After that I kept better track of what I was doing, but it helped to know I wasn’t going to kill myself or ruin anything. I did crack half a dozen plastic tanks before taking the “may crack plastic tanks” seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps. Happy mixing! :smile:

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Thanks for the advice on the drippers. What got me wanting to start dripping was the Atlantis I have that is .5Ω. I love this thing at 35-40w. One reason why I want to get into DIY juice cuz you sure suck back the juice. I was also thinking about going with the Mutation X V3 or maybe a Plume Veil or Dark Horse. Can’t make up my mind yet lol. How’s that Mutation far as producing clouds?

Thanks for that link

With my Mutation X V2 open all the way, this thing is chucking clouds on my normal 0.28Ω build. 6 wrap 24g kanthal on 2mm screwdriver

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As you are in Canada i really cant help with your supplies, i got most of my mixing hardware off Amazon and from my wifes lab. I can offer some advice.

Start low with flavor percentages, you can always add more. (check the recipe site for avg %'s)
Keep track every everything no matter how small.
Test mix without nic in small 5ml bottles.
Try your flavorings first, 1 drop added to 1ml of water works well enough to get to know them.
As you are PG sensitive use distilled water if you need to think a juice.
Dont be afraid to experiment, something someone else hates you may love.
If you mess up and cant vape something try adding menthol until you can taste it no longer.

I would like to add that V2 CAP Custard can have an awful smell, some people can tolerate it and some cannot. The new additive they use is also an known lung irritant. Sweet SB CAP isnt a bad SB, it has a nice flavor but lacks the smell of a try SB. Grab some Sb Ripe (TFA) to add that familiar smell. You may also want to grab some Cotton Candy as a sweetener and smoother.

Before i even ordered i went to all the recipe sites to look for recipes i might like. I checked for common flavorings after reading about them. Custard and creams need some curing time, they will taste much different after they sit awhile.

I cant really think of anything else right now but dont be afraid to ask questions. Most importantly, enjoy!


Hello Bam The Youde Goblin V2 comes with 2 tanks make sure it is V2 it is a Cloud blower i have 2 and i love them but yes they do suck some juices but you can adjust the air flow for a tighter draw it has 2 3mm vent holes and this is a Leak proof tank it is Guaranteed not to leak just make sure the bottom fill screw is tight and it is as tight as a drum not even a spec of juice anywhere

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I love my 2 Goblins!

Use them both daily to flick between juices throughout the day and I cannot fault them. Cant say any more really. One day I am sure I will go back to dripping but for now I am content :smile:

Having vaped for a while now, it is interesting to have watched the progression of vaping. At first, it was all about tanks due to the genesis style atty. Then the dripper took the scene by storm. Now, it’s moving back to tanks. I’ve always been a tank kind of vaper, but I do love my drippers as well. Particularly love my drippers to bang through new mixes.