Stash number filter (geeks only)

I needed to print all my stash flavours and their associated bottle numbers (which I have entered as the first word in the Notes field). The attached script does this and outputs a CSV of flavour,bottle nomber pairs.

Oh! Can’t seem to upload non-images. Here it is:

#!/usr/bin/awk -f

# Date: 18Feb17

# Name: flavourstashconverter.awk

# Description: A gawk program to format (saved as html text) from e.g. :

#   *Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA)*
#   FirstWordOfNotes more words ...
#   30.00 ml
#   ...

# to:

#   Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA),FirstWordOfNotes

# (any other stuff is trashed.)

# If, say, you have entered the first word of Notes as your private flavour number this will print all your
# flavours with their stash number as a CSV so you can easily print a lookup table and pick the right bottle
# from your carefully labelled stash you spent so much time organising. Or you can import it into a spreadsheet ...

# Usage* : ./flavourstashconverter.awk filename 
#  e.g. : ./flavourstashconverter.awk 'My flavor stash.html'
# * remember to chmod +x flavourstashconverter.awk first, but you knew that.

# Author: MixedUp2

# 1. Output is in the order output by ELR i.e. alphanumeric by flavour name.
# 2. To sort the output by the first word of the notes field (stash number):
#      ./flavourstashconverter.awk 'My flavor stash.html' | sort -t , --key=2.1
#    This is useful for checking holes in your numbering system.
# 3. Tested (quickly), on my stash only, under Linux Mint 18, GNU Awk 4.1.3. (Windows, Android & Mac users need not apply.) :)

# Bugs.
# I think not. ;)

BEGIN { RS = "1 2 3 4 5"; FS="\n"; }

    if ($1 != "e-Liquid Recipes"){
        #print flavour ($2) without leading/trailing asterisks, a comma, then first word of Notes ($3)
        printf("%s,%s\n", substr($2,2,length($2)-2),gensub(/^\s*(\S+).*/,"\\1",1,$3) )

Eugh! Had to fight to get that displaying correctly. If it works for you, my name is MixedUp2 if it doesn’t, my name is daath.


Got tired of waiting for me? I understand :smiley: hahaha :smiley: Good work!


Well, I am impatient but take it as a huge compliment! I find ELR such a well thought out site it is easier and more rewarding to use than my years-old spreadsheet - which I’ve now abandoned.

For my next trick I shall append stash numbers to recipes…