Steam Engine down? (For Sale?)

Anyone else having issues going to Steam Engine?

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It’s working for me.
Hi Mike :smiley:

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Working for me right now…

Nope, working here too!

@mikelej14 while on the fail link press CNTRL+F5 (super refresh doesn’t look at cache)
works for me

Doesn’t work still. Tried that @BoDarc, still nothing… just “Waiting for…”

Your Internet Provider DNS server is down…it’ll work in a few minutes
power cycle your cable modem (unplug …count to 15 replug wait 1 minute on PC)
If that doesn’t work press the Windows key type CMD in the box when it displays that little black DOS box icon …right-click on it and choose “Run as Administrator” …answer “yes” …at the prompt (DOS box) type
ipconfig /flushdns
it’ll do it’s thing …type exit to close

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Everything else works fine… ugh. was just curious about a idea for a build I wanted to check in the calculator for my premade AIO/Cubis coils I am rebuilding, because the 24g kanthal I used is too hot for it… was thinking maybe running 2 parallel of smaller gauge instead… (tough to get bigger gauges to fit right under the insulator and positive contact cap…) hope it loads up for me soon

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Clear the cache in your browser?

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taking that one back :wink:

It is something local to my computer, the laptop brought it up fine. I will clear cache and see if it works.

okay it worked lol. just ran ccleaner and its fine now

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Hi Brad! :smiley:

Thanks for the hasty replies! Was nothing but my computer having a brain fart I guess.

Going to try a Parallel of 2 28g kanthal, 2mm, 7 wraps and see if i can get it to fit (hopefully it isn’t too long to fit into the shell)
Edit/update: Should have done 6 wraps instead… will try again later when I feel like it… lol

Good to know. You caught me online. :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, I didn’t want to create a new topic for this, so I thought I would just bump this one. When I went to steam engine it says that the domain is for sale. My question is, what happens if no one buys it? Does this mean there will be no more steam engine?

Nevermind…I just answered my own question…I went to and didn’t realize what I did until after I panicked…


I hadn’t seen this thread in a while. So when I clicked on the notification it took me back to two years ago to the last unread post. I liked it. And I love that I liked it. Ol’ boy needs to resurface for a bit :slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree more…


I really suck at being as active on here as i used to be… Lifes just had my head in other places.
I still vape, and mix (despite now being out of supplies to as of yesterday i need to get more vg finally). Just got into a new job again, so i probably wont be on as often as i once was but ill be making money for more supplies again so thatll be nice.

I always forget that little - in the url for i haven’t been making many coils lately besides a couple claptons for myself once in a while anymore. I kinda gave up on making then to sell since the chinese market has the prices so low online now, i dont want to waste lots of my time doing it for diddly squat pay lol

I am still around, just more lurking than talking much. If anyone ever needs or wants to get ahold of me, pm or hit me up on facebook messenger Mike Lej, or search mikelej14
How yall been anyway?


Totes just looked you up on fb to add you…is that really you on the ice :flushed::rofl: