Steam Engine Question

If building a coil with no spaces between each wrap will the pitch be equal to the width of the wire?

May query is that I want build a triple twisted 36g Ni200 coil at .1 ohms with a 2mm ID. How many wraps?

Twist pitch (lead/3)


The distance between each “ridge” on the twisted wire. Use 0 for non-twisted wire (parallel strands). For improved accuracy: Count 10 ridges, measure their total width, and divide by 10.

The way I’ve used steam engine and the twist pitch function is when I’ve done for eg a twisted 28g 2 strand wire.

I’ve measured how many mm are in 10 ridges of the twist and divided that by 10 to get each ridge in mm.

The twist pitch IME seems to only work for twisted wire.

I don’t see how you could have twisted wire with zero ridges???


I know the answer is not 0. If you build a coil with spaces between each wrap then naturally the ridges would be further apart than if you build one side by side touching.
What I’m asking is that if I’m wrapping with no spaces between each wrap (side by side touching) will the ridges be equal to the width of the wire?

I’m trying to determine this before I wrap the coil.

And now that I have explained it I have come realize that yes, with no space between each wrap the ridges will be equivalent to the width of the wire. Query solved.

Thanks @jondamon, by confusing me you backwardly helped me figure this out.

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This is a pic of some twisted 28 I made.

The twist pitch is each of those ridges where the wire twists around each other.

It’s not the wraps on a coil jig that you count or am I missing completely what your saying?? Lol.

The twist pitch on that 28g was about 0.8mm


Just seen your edit.

You’ll need to twist the 3 strands first.

Then count 10 ridges on the wire and measure them in mm.

Then divide that number by 10.

This will give your twist pitch to enter into steam engine.


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I’ve guesstimated the twist pitch to be about 0.4mm approx.

This will need to be around 4 wraps on a 2mm ID.

But I’ve guessed the twist pitch.


Ok now I understand, the ridges on the twisted wire not the wraps on the coil. Duh :flushed:

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Glad to have been of service to the coil master!!!


I notice you don’t twist your wire very tight. I twist super tight. Sometimes until the wire breaks.

Generally I’ve been twisting 28 until it snaps.

I found when I was twisting 26 that it kinked and fucked up a little of the wire.

TBH though since I’ve been wrapping claptons thanks to your tool it’s all I’ve been playing with lately. Lol.

I fancy trying a twisted 28 with 28/32 Clapton in parallel over the weekend.


This is my .43 parallel Clapton build from the other day with a slightly different wick.

I’ve gone through the coil into the juice well on the coil side then up over the positive post and down into the juice well the other side.

Gives me a good few vapes before I have to drop again.


Even the .43 chucks!

Try a Clapton and twisted 28g or 32g kanthal parallel. It should still ramp up pretty quick. It’ll give you low ohms and a extra flavor boost.


Might try this tonight after my darts practice.

I’ll probably build on my Plume Veil 1 that’s got the .43ohms parallel Clapton in it now.

I’m thinking 28/32 Clapton with twisted 28g around 4-6 wraps on a 2mm ID.

Hopefully as a dual build should give me somewhere between .2-.3ohms.


I’ll pop it in the what build do you like thread once I’ve wrapped it up.