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Hey guys, I just finished up my 32awg Kanthal spool by making a Clapton wire 26 awg Kanthal core & I think what is called a fused Clapton (2 x 26awg Kanthal not twisted wrapped in the 32awg)

If I wanted to make say a 0.8ohm coil (dual up so 0.4 Ω) with my wire. How do I do it. I’m confused, I’ve had a play but am not sure if I’m doing it correctly?

How do you guys get a coil build into the range you would like. Especially with different wire type.

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I can’t really help but I did want to say those wraps look good. Solid work Vol.

Cheers mate, it’s fun. Need to order more wire so I can play some more. Try something really elaborate. It’s funny I can do Clapton & twisted coils easily, but I can’t even wrap a single 26 plain coil. Only separated ones. Seriously took like 15 goes to wrap 1 I was happy with let alone a 2nd to match it. Definitely not moving too far ahead till I can master that too. Practice, practice.

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Same here. I didn’t have any issues with fused claptons except a little separation on the wraps my first go round, the second attempt came much easier. Just doing wraps with 28ga kanthal on a coil jig and it’s like I go full stupid. I do better without using a jig and using a screwdriver but my coils are never tight.

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You could take your full wire as it is with no wraps (unless it is a meter or so and in such case cut 10cm and use) and connect to a build deck as it is, then check on the ohm reader what the result for the length is. Then you can from that calculate the ohm per cm and from that find out how many cm you need to make .8ohm, and see if it will even be doable with this wife on your build deck. That should at least give you the possibility to build some coils fitting your ohm target.

You could also just use the steam engine wire wizard to help you calculate.


Well done, mate! Looking neat! :+1:

As for the build, here ya go:

Notice how to use the drop down menus on the right hand side. :wink: After inputting the stuff on the right (your Clapton wire’s composition), I added Number of Wraps on top to find the right Ohms (left side, “Results”).
As a second step, I normally play around in the coil building tool until I find something with about the same heat capacity to input various wattages in order to find the right wattage to run that coil. Or you could just play around on your mod :laughing:

Happy vaping!


Great. @lumentum Good idea working out the Ω/cm that’s cool. Be cool if the Ω readers could have little posts built into them so you can check. Right now my decks are full. I like to make my coils in advance. Wonder if my multimeter will give a good reading. Mmmm, I’ll do a test on that. See if I can come up with a method and compare to what I get on my reader. Much as gracias

@Naseschwarz I’m on my phone now and will have a good look on my PC later. Looks like exactly what I need.

Appreciate the replies.


Just realize that the Wire-Wizard capped above is a single coil. For dual, just halve the Ohms - so about .34Ω

I believe the Coil Master 521 Tab can do that with the alligator clip things it comes with, never tried it though.

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You can also choose parallel instead of clapton at first and in the box on the right choose clapton. And if you want a 2 strand or 3 strand clapton you click the + under the boxes to add more wires. That means that the 2 boxes on the right each represent 1 coil and the value on the left in the blue box is the value for 2 coils.

This is great. Guys. I’ve worked out the multi-core/wire/clapton options. Great. Now to get a hang of Heat flux and see what that does.

What I did is use the wire builder to get the resistance/m then went to coil builder. With the heat flux it has @10w is that thw watts you intend on vaping at. I’m getting figures I would not expect. But really could probably delve in deeper. But if anyone has a quick tutorial kind of thing that would rally help. TIA.

I totally just read the title as 'steam engine sausage’
Time for an afternoon nap I think :sleeping:

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Is that like a pre battery era where they used steam power for vibrators?

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I don’t do coils but doesn’t it work the other way around if you put two .4 ohm coils you get a .2 ohm coil. Not sure why I’m thinking this but it seems it’s that way for some reason

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When youve entered all the details for your coils the "watts" box will have a default value set in it and the heat flux box will have a corresponding value with a colour background ranging from blue through green to gold. You can alter the watts value up or down and the heat flux box will also alter both by the value and by the colour, the "ideal" wattage is meant to lie within the green colour band, with the blue range being too cold for your coils and the gold colour range being too hot - in an ideal world Good luck with your complex coil experience, it didnt suit me.

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Yep, you`re right

Clapton is one core wrapped, fused is two cores wrapped but your work looks good.