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This is Jeremy from steam shark.steam shark is one of the biggest wire manufactory in China, we want to be the one-stop E-cig accessories supplier,
We offer 7 categories of electronic cigarette accessories,include wires, replacement coil,vape band,drip tips,charger,tools and other accessories. wires,vape band ,drip tips and some tools are our self-brand.Our self-brand products have good quality and good price.
Now I will recommend our wires, we have 200+ kind of wires with good price,we can free shipping when order over $300.wholesale will have a better price.

Giveaway Now

If you anyone can correctly recognize the model of our steam shark prebulit coil, You will get our 4 box free samples,Please PM to me.Do NOT leave the message blew.the winner will be annnced in this month(Feb 28th).

Cong @Fenrir1 the first right answer.the free sample will send to him soon.welcome join in.
Cong @MysticRose@TheTinMan1@DrChud@Pattie@GPC2012 @fidalgo_vapes @Ajinkya send me the right answer, The free samples will send to you in this week. Welcome tag your friends to join in.All right answer will get our samples.
ONLY one day left,please hurry up !


Where’s the giveaway? :confused:

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@StShark (Jeremy) Where is the Giveaway? :grin:

Is the price of Kanger Subtank OCC Coil (0.5ohm) - $1.50 for a single coil or a pack of 5?

Just a single coil price.Not a pack of 5.

Will be announced soon!

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Uwell Crown Coil $2.60 each x 4 =$10.40 plus shipping from China and long wait.


$7.99 for 4 coils, arrives in 2 days.

I’m sorry, there is no way to be competitive. I wish you luck though :slight_smile:

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We can free shipping to you,they can not !

You are right. Their shipping is $2.94 making it $10.98. So it’s $.58 more and here in 2 days.


Totally valid point of view. I would also pay a little extra in order to not have to wait a couple of weeks or even longer for stuff i order. The argument that we offer free shipping isn’t always a deal breaker.


Continuing the discussion from Good deals & Giveaway:

As the most popular Kanthal A1 coil in 2016,Steam Shark Kanthal A1 pre-bulid Coil for sale now,up to 19% discount,
10 pcs only $2.1.Wholesale have a better price,
ONLY in this month.
welcome to visit buy here:Steam Shark Pre-bulid 22GA/24GA/26GA/28GA Kanthal A1 Coil 3.0mm

Why did you open another thread? It’s less confusing if you continue your specials on the same vendor thread rather than creating a new one for every special please.

@JoJo Can you please merge these 2 oh wonderful wizardess of ELR pretty please.


Cong @Volition and @Rob62 get our free samples,You will receive our products soon,Anyone want to review our wire,please contact me.
Here are the free sample list.
Steam Shark Clapton Coil(24GA+32GA)/0.5ohm 10pcs
Steam Shark Bird’s Nest Coil (24GA3+26GA)+32GA /0.2ohm 10pcs
Steam Shark Juggernaut Coil (28GA+32GA)2+(0.10.5mm Flat )/0.55ohm 10pcs
Steam Shark Staircase Coil (24GA+24GA)parallel+(32GA Loose)/0.3ohm 10pcs
Steam Shark Super Juggernaut Coil [(28GA+32GA)+24GA+(0.10.5mm Flat)]/0.35ohm 10pcs
[Steam Shark Super Clapton Coil (26GA2)+(0.141.0mm Flat Loose)]/0.6ohm](ω/) 10pcs
Steam Shark Half Staggered Coil [(26GA+32GA)+24GA parallel+(32GA Loose)]/0.3ohm 10pcs
Steam Shark Fused Clapton Wire(28GA2+32GA)118MM 10pcs
Steam Shark Alien Clapton wire(0.30.8+32GA)118MM 10pcs
Steam Shark Titan Wire 24GA/15FT(φ0.5MM)5M
Steam Shark Kanthal Wire 22GA/15FT(φ0.6MM)5M
Steam Shark Ni200 Wire 20GA/15FT(φ0.8MM)5M

Hope both of you can post the reviews on this forum.


Steam Shark prebulit coil review

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Some really interesting coils. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as bird’s nest and staircase coils. I learn something new everyday…love it :slight_smile:

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Wecome to Join in.

Oh I love a competition hope I get em right I never win :cry:

oops don’t look at this

please do not leave the answer blew, PM to me.