Steamcrave Aromamizer RDTA V2, pure flavor

What’s up vapers!
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On todays menu is something a bit different from the previous two reviews.
While they were more geared to cloudchasing and big bulky clapton builds, todays product is more geared towards flavor.

The Steamcrave Aromamizer RDTA V2 was sourced from!


Steamcrave has been scoring highly within the community with the first Aromamizer RDTA and more recently with the Aromamizer Supreme.
Both tanks are known for their intense and pure flavor, and unfortunately the Supreme has taken the spotlight from the tank I’m looking at today.
The Aromamizer RDTA V2 is basically an upgraded Aromamizer RDTA, which has fixed most of the issues the previous iteration had.

So how well does it work?
Let’s have a look, shall we!

Steamcrave Aromamizer RDTA V2


  • Stainless steel and glass construction
  • 6ml capacity (3ml version sold as a separate product)
  • 23mm diameter
  • 2 post design (Velocity styled)
  • Adjustable airflow (with a steel ring)
  • Adjustable 510 pin
  • Available in stainless steel and black


The Aromamizer RDTA V2 comes in a rather fancy looking box with a window to showcase the tank itself.
Next to the window is a silver and red depiction of how the juice- and airflow chambers are separated from one another.
A nice addition that immediately hints at the strongest point of this RDTA, flavor.
On the bottom is where you’ll find out which version of the tank is in the box, the 6ml or 3ml version in either silver or black. In my case it is the black 6ml version.

The box opens up like a chest and reveals the RDTA sitting in a foam insert with red felt as a toplayer.
Again an addition that makes this feel like a more luxurious package.
In the insert you’ll see the tank sitting on the left side, with two other compartments next to it.
The top compartment holds a plastic bag with spare o-rings, screws and a hex key for the posts, the bottom compartment holds a spare glass section.

Lifting out everything reveals the usermanual sitting at the bottom of the box, together with a Steamcrave sticker.
The usermanual is simple but well illustrated and gives you all the needed info to get this RDTA working.
The sticker is just a nice addition, something more manufacturers should do in my opinion. (I can only hold so many Innokin stickers…)


As I mentioned above, the strongest point of the Aromamizer RDTA V2 is flavor, and believe me when I say it does flavor very well.
In fact I’ll go ahead and say that this is the most pure and clean flavorchasing RDTA (or RTA even) that I’ve used so far.
And while I agree that there are several rebuildable tanks out there at the moment that do very well in the flavor department, this one does just that little bit better.

This is mainly because of the small chamber for the coils to sit in, which coincidently is one of the things that also bothered me the most about it.
The small chamber is great for flavorchasing, but it also means the deck is rather claustrophobic.
Despite being a 23mm diameter tank the deck is rather small with its 14.3mm diameter.
With two rather bulky posts and a small chamber, there’s really not all that much room left for coils.
With that said I’ve been able to fit 2.8mm inner diameter as a maximum, and that was cutting it very close.
For safety’s sake I’ve kept most of the builds to an inner diameter of 2.4mm, making sure it couldn’t touch the side of the chamber when screwing in the deck.

The deck is removeable and according to the Steamcrave website the kit should come with 2 prebuilt coils made from SS316, but for some reason mine didn’t.
The deck being removeable does have its advantages though, especially because they are sold separately too.
This means I could switch out builds without having to unscrew the coils from the deck, I could just switch decks.

Another thing that makes the deck rather small is the way the Aromamizer RDTA V2 feeds its juice to the wicks.
Around the deck is a series of holes wich are fed through the bottom, this is where the juice will come up into the wicks.
To get juice to the holes the tank needs a chamber to the side of the deck and coils to transport the juice without coming into contact with the airflow.

That brings us to the second factor of the pure flavor this RDTA puts out, it has airflow similar to a dripper.
That is to say, it feeds the air from the side straight to the coils through 4 holes, of which you can close off two if you want a less open airflow.
Two of the holes are feeding air straight onto the coils, the other two will feed air onto the posts.
I’ve found that using all 4 holes opened is the best way to go for a proper direct lunginhale, but it’s still comfortable with only two holes opened too.

One of the improvements over its predecessor is the airflow ring now being made of stainless steel, instead of the silicone ring included with the first iteration.
The topcap, which on the first iteration was rounded and often compared to being a nipple, is now more flattened and less conspicuous.
This makes the tank look a bit less cheap and gives it a more distinguished look.

With all that said the Aromamizer RDTA V2 is a very well designed tank and unlike its predecessor, it doesn’t seem to leak at all.
That is if you wick it right of course, as with most rebuildables.
The first build I put in was a simple 26/32 clapton and I wicked it like I would wick a dripper, with the wick barely touch the bottom of the deck.
When I put the tank on its side, it leaked.
After pulling the wick and cleaning the outside of the tank from any juice that had gotten everywhere, I rewicked it and pushed as much wick as possible onto the deck to close off the holes on the bottom.
Keeping in mind not to choke the wick by cramming it tightly, I had loose wicking sitting all over the juiceflow holes this time.
Putting the tank on its side again to check for leaking revealed that this fixed my issue.
Even at a whopping 65W (which I’ve read is higher than usual for the Aromamizer) it doesn’t give me the slightest of dry or burnt hits, only flavor.

Filling the Aromamizer is a bit of a pain, since it doesn’t have topfill or even a terribly easy bottom fill.
The bottom ring has to be screwed off, which reveals the bottom of the chamber with 8 rather small holes that also serve as the juiceflow.
Using a dropper bottle can be tricky since it tends to flood the holes leaving the juice to surge upwards and over the edge of the tank.
With a needle tip bottle however, things are a bit easier since you can direct the juice straight into one of the holes.


The Aromamizer isn’t a looker, it really isn’t. But it’s not ugly by any means either.
Comparing it to the first iteration it received a couple of upgrades that make the tank look more distinguished.
The flattened topcap and stainless steel airflow ring are excellent additions to the design and they both work for the betterment of functionality too.
The driptip however is one I highly recommend replacing right away, because it does tend to mute flavor a bit and liquid pools up in the small edges inside after a few toots.
I would recommend a driptip with a slightly smaller inner diameter than the chimney to avoid pooling of condensation, but youre free to decide for yourself of course.

Pros and Cons.


  • Easy to build and wick
  • Stainless steel airflow ring is a huge improvement
  • Small chamber means more FLAVOR!
  • Did I mention it has very pure FLAVOR?
  • Removeable deck is also sold separately


  • Can leak like a sieve if wicked incorrectly
  • Driptip isn’t on par with the rest of the tank
  • Filling is a bit of a pain in the ass
  • Whistles slightly when using only two airflow holes

In conclusion.

The Steamcrave Aromamizer RDTA V2 is an excellent successor to the first iteration and has a couple of improvements that put this tank ahead of the competition.
It may not be a looker but it’s not ugly either, what it lacks in looks it makes up for in flavor.
That’s where the Aromamizer RDTA V2 shines, flavor. It’s pure, it’s clean, it’s the way liquidmakers intended their liquids to taste.
And while it may shine in flavor it doesn’t sacrifice performance in vaporproduction, you’ll be able to blow a decent cloud from the tank without issue.
But flavor is what it does best. FLAVOOOR!
Overall I’d say if you’re looking for a tank to use throughout the day, that is rebuildable and gives you the best flavor possible, this is the one.
Well, this or the Aromamizer Supreme. A solid A+ in my book.

In closing I would like to thank for sending out the Steamcrave Aromamizer RDTA V2!
Thanks for reading, join me next time as I take a look at a couple of liquids from Element Liquids and Binary Liquids! That has been a while!

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Love my steamcrave’s, easiest rdta to coil,wick and use imho! I get great flavour from all of mine (4), but I will agree, the v2 is a vast improvement over v1. Far better draw and did I mention flavour!?! :yum:
As usual my friend, great review. :ok_hand:


Love my Aromamizers! Just wish they would drop the price on the freaking Supreme…


Fully agree, the price is fairly high on the Supreme. Though from what I hear it’s plenty worth it…

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Nicely done, always look forward to your reviews, @SirRisc.

I was always an RDA guy until someone on the forums sent me the 'Mizer, loved it so much that i had to buy another. I was just going to buy a third until i saw this post, now i need one or three of these.


Cant believe they didn’t make it a top fill. Deal breaker for me.


Yep, no top fill kills the deal for me too. The supreme is top fill and I may pick one of those up.


The bottom fill is so easy on the Aromamizer I don’t see what the problem is. I use my v1 every day at work. Filling takes seconds. Also allows me to look at my build. I use it on a Smpl+.

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