Steamery espresso flavor, how to make , so tastes similar

Anyone, have any idea how to make up a coffee flavour , I have tfa, and would like pg70, vg30, ?

I made this up, amd was told I needed to add sweetner, I purchased 'sugar
Cubes sweetner ’ definitely added way to much. Its very sweet, and the espresso steamery is not sweet at all.

Please help.
Also am I able to add drops to bottle too sweet, of the coffee tfa , to fix up?


First, welcome to the forum. There are folks here who are both friendly and knowledgeable. As a coffee drinking snob (not really, but coffee is a hobby) I haven’t got a good coffee recipe. I’ve only played around a bit and, so far, have missed the mark. Coffee (like wine) can have so many different tones and textures (drinking-wise). Trying to capture it in a vape is a challenge. It is on my list of flavors to get back to.


Welcome and glad you joined.


I can’t answer your question about coffee vapes, but reading your post it sounds like you are just starting out. Maybe you really do want your ratio to be 70PG, 30VG but your recipe will turn out better the other way around.

Before you start investing money for a bunch of flavors you should begin with a few and start what’s known as single flavor testing (SFT). You need to become familiar with what you’re mixing first in order to avoid making a mistake… like you did with the sweetener. I suggest you research the forums here on SFTing and become a bit more educated first. Good luck.


Just a few recommendations.

Coffee is one of the most difficult flavors to use in vaping, so my advise to newbies would always be - jump over this one and come back later after you get some mileage. There is no place for much experimentation here and chances you personally make anything decent are close to zero, not to even mention that large majority of coffee flavors on the market are pure garbage. So you better pick other profile or buy a coffee flavored one-shot (or take a chance and buy exactly the same flavors someone used for their highly rated coffee recipe, but for coffee specifically i wouldn’t recommend this path).

Since newbie, do not try to experiment with just anything that comes to your mind. Our lungs were not made to ingest just everything you would otherwise eat or find deliciously looking on the pic. DIYing can be pretty easy and very safe until you know what you’re doing or at least following some basic guidelines, but it seems you’re pretty adventurous with experimenting. Can you explain why exactly you want to use PG70/VG30 - and use this for coffee flavor? Can you explain why you are using that sugar cubes sweetener which noone is using (and that’s probably for a reason, right? There’s no chance i’d want to inhale that).

Another thing you should know - no coffee flavor will be that great for solo vaping; you’ll have to add some other flavors like creams, ice creams, bakeries, nuts, spirits to make an all day vape.


The only coffee themed recipe that I have ever managed to be happy about is based of FA Booster which is a tiramisu flavour.

Tiramisu orchid

Ingredient %
Sugar Orchid (Flavorah) 0.40
Tiramisu (Booster) (FA) 0.80
All the other have tasted like acrid smoke from a open burn landfill site.

I don’t have time now but I and other coffee flavor lovers can help you out a little. At least by suggesting some good espresso/coffee flavors. @Rocky02852 makes a lot of coffee mixes. Maybe he’s available.


Everyone has their own opinions on coffees and as far as Espresso’s go, I haven’t found one I really like yet, the Espresso VSO has some promise, but I am still testing it Solo and in a couple of mixes.
As far as a Steamery Topping, Coffee Milk Froth VTA is supposed to be just that, I didn’t really care for it myself but can see it working in the Right mix. I need to revisit that flavor…

My three Top Coffee flavors;
Cappuccino SC
Coffee Liqueur VTA
Mocca Coffee SSA


Hi Rocky. I’m not surprised you said that. I have several SSA flavors with some sort of dairy note in them and they come across heavy or sometimes sour. I find their Butterscotch VERY buttery but it works depending on the application. Same with the Milk and Caramel Cream. Gotta be careful or you get the puke. That was my experience anyway. Go low or go home :crazy_face:


@ShredHer I apologize for not getting back to you. Maybe by now you’ve found something that works? In RL I like my coffee black, unsweetened and prefer dark roast. Of course, with ejuice you’re going to get sweetness from the VG. I found the following to be pretty good black coffees:

  1. Brazilian Coffee (SC) (WF)
  2. Espresso (VSO)

And you might want to try Italian Roasted by Stixx Mixx.

Lotta Late (OSDIY) is an old popular one but is not straight black coffee.


Thats good to know, I do like anything buttery :yum:

True, I start at 1% with the SSA and most times end up lower (with a couple exceptions)
So far I really haven’t had any disappointments with the SSA that I can think of…


Some say it’s the Butterscotch Ripple killer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Out of the ones I have I’m happy. I only had one bad experience and that was with the Milk and Caramel Cream but I overpoured. Two of the mixers from Noted have notes up on Reddit. One got the vomit and the other, not. ETA: But he’s super sensitive to butyric acid.


ABSOLUTELY @muth, @ShredHer, those two are excellent. Since your OP stated Espresso, Flavor Art has a great one.


Thanks for your kind words. And the welcome, yes reading some reply peps can just just be on the attack, not sure why.

I’m new and just figuring things out as I go, Ant help is appreciated, so thanks again.