Steeped stones for shaken vape

I have seen stones with vg in it can i make these. “Cheesecake for example” have the vg steep and later add a fruit +nic+vg/pg and expect a shake n vape with some smoother tastes?

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If you have a stone with VG it would be due to the flavor itself having a VG carrier base. Maybe your definition of ‘stone’ is different than mine tho.
To me, it means 2 or more flavors mixed together with nothing else. The flavors usually have a PG carrier base. This ‘stone’ is then used as any other flavor when mixing. Just add your PG/VG/NIC base and you’re ready to steep.


Ok sorry the stone i saw had extra pg this is why im a newbie but will the excess pg smooth out the flavor or is it the vg that does it

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It doesn’t really matter what you put into a ‘stone’, as long as everything equals 100%. That guy in the video uses extra PG as a filler so his numbers balance out. But it will also act as a dilutant which, I guess could be considered smoothing out. I’ve never had a need/desire for extra pg though.
Here’s one I recently posted…
If you are concerned about smoothing the flavors remember that VG will eventually be added to your final mix.