Steeping a new flavour

Can anyone please advise on steeping a tester I’ve made of chocolate fa banana cap orange fa and meringue fa. This is my first non fruit mix I’ve made. Many thanks

Hi Daz,
There are various methods - depends how hi-tech you want to go ,however here is a simple method which I have used .
mix together-shake well ( I mean well )
Sit bottle in a warm (not boiling) bath cup or a mug until cools
Shake well
Some re bath - however I dont
cap off place in a dark cupboard or draw ( after 12 hours or so replace the cap)
leave alone and shake every day (with the cap on)
leave cap on and let it sit - for at least a week to mellow all the flavours
I steep all my mixes fro at least a week 2 if possible
Hope this helps and Im sure someone else will chip in their way - thats the best thing about this site - its good to share and good luck


Mix, cap, store
Shake and test now and then until ‘done’

Unless there’s alcohol in one or more of the flavorings. Then I let it breathe (cap off)
overnight before storing in my dark steeping cabinet.

I like to keep it simple. No heat or anything else. Just let 'er sit so the flavors ‘meld’.


I’m with Alisa. I whip it into a frenzy with my frother, cap it, and stick it in my steep box (cardboard box lol). I don’t do heat or anything other than time. I usually test once a week for a month and take notes. After a month it goes into the vape box (another cardboard box) and I vape it! :smiley:


Yep, I’m with Alisa & JoJo too…same process (although I’m not patient enough to let mine go a month!). And from my experience, you only need to ‘breathe’ if there’s alcohol present. That said, if you feel you get the result you want by ‘breathing’, regardless of alcohol, then breath away!


Cheers blueboy I love this site so informative cheers for the reply really appreciate your feedback

Cheers guys really started this vaping off just to quit the cigs. But guess what it’s now become my hobby. Would any of you guys do the same process for any of the recipes you do. Didn’t know wether it was different for just fruit base recipes or not thanks everyone


Personally, I just don’t see a need for any other method at this time, as patience seems to be
paying off very well…

Congratulations on giving up the smokes!

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Hi mate - it does become a hobby , yes some flavours need longer ie custard so just be patient - there are many shake and vape recipes around so you mix up some to steep while you make another batch to mix and vape - but Alisa is right patience is key - the longer the better , good luck

Looking at the ingredients and since this is your first mix on this recipie I would test it at 3 days, 6days, and 12 days. Maybe 3 mls at a time. This may be something that is ready at the 3rd day or close enough. Since I mix at a two week rotation, unless it’s a custard or a odd flavoring that needs steep time (oakwood FA, Obo Obo FA, any Tabbaco ect) it should be good pretty quick…or Atleast ready to test.

My best guess from experiance is that bannana cap needs alittle time to play with the other flavors like chocolate. That’s why testing is key.


Nice one Chris I’ll take everyone’s input on board. Just possibly trying to rush things. At the end of the day you have to wait for a fine wine. Need to chase up some make and vape recipes sooner rather than later. I suppose these can be found in the recipe section

Natural steep: Shake every 3-5 days. 2 week min . Steep longer if required. (can taste test anytime after a good 1 minute shake, allow 2-3 hours after mixing (chocolates take at least 2 weeks or more steeping for me).

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I’ve tried heat steeping and I don’t think I can tell a difference. Maybe I’m not doing it properly, but I just like to give it time like other people here are saying. If you’re impatient, make a few shake and vapes at the same time. You’ll forget about the steeping ones for a while. It’s kinda fun seeing how the flavors change over time.

Thanks for your comments bud

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Thanks for your comments frank

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Thanks for you input BB1

Cheers ffrank. Really getting into this with a passion. Hopefully overtime I will be able to pass on my own experiences

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A couple of pointers that I’ve learned…
Some flavors require steeping. Banana, Custards… you can just smell it, its kinda has a chemical aroma.
I slow stir with heat, Vent, bath in an ultra sonic 20 min cycles, shake, vent, cap… and repeat. I never leave the cap off more than ten minutes. I never exceed 125f, and after two hours I sample vape. After that I perform normal daily shakes, and venting. Always stored cool and dark.
This may not be every ones ideal method, Its just what I do and also what I enjoy doing. Because if I didn’t enjoy the process, I just buy this
okay, I might just buy that too.