Steeping for beginners

Just wanted you guys input on how you steep your liquids after mixing. Also, is it sanitary to put your bottles in the fridge with all your other foods and such?


One month plus (I vape bakery/desserts/custards).

Sanitary, yes. Might make your bread taste like strawberry and your bacon taste like mango banana smoothie though :laughing:

ETA I’m referring to storing concentrates in your fridge. For steeping eliquid, I use a cool, dark cupboard :+1:


Thanks much for the input :slight_smile:


I almost exclusively shake-n-vape, so steep times are not my area of expertise. For the most part if I have to steep it I’d rather make something else, so you could say my steep time is usually zero. (I vape fruity)

I’m starting to experiment though so I’m glad you asked the question. I’ve been wondering the same thing: What kind of flavors do you need to steep and for how long?


There are plenty of threads to help. Use the search function on top and type in steeping.


Thanks man. Also, how many unicorn bottles should I buy to start?

Depends on how much you vape and how long your turn around is.
Like for me, 10 bottles is good, because I shake-n-vape. When my bottles are empty I just refill them.
Let’s say you do 30ml a day, 30ml bottles, and have to steep your favorite flavor for two weeks. That means you want at least 14 bottles steeping and 14 bottles “in use” (ready to use, being used, or emptied). This way, when you finish steeping you have a two-week supply while your next batch steeps. So in this example, you’d want to start with at least 30.

So depending on how much you vape, you may want 10, 20, 30, or even 50 unicorn bottles to start. I almost never replace them. When they start getting older or have flavor remnants that have seeped into the bottle, I start using them to empty bottles I’m reusing, and toss them when they’re full.

Nice man, thanks. And do you usually just mix in a 30ml bottle?

Every time, yes. It is faster to mix a big batch and decant into smaller bottles, but IMO it doesn’t save enough time to justify changing my routine. lol
I guess you could get a 500ml bottle for steeping and 20 30ml bottles to put it in after you’re done steeping. Should fill almost 17 bottles. But I wouldn’t know if that’s the smart way to do it, since I don’t steep. Glad to help!

Should I buy a couple 120ml bottles as well?

I suppose the best answer is "it’s up to you, this kind of thing is down to preference."
Like for me, I like the size of 30ml bottles, so I’ve never used larger ones. I don’t really steep often so I don’t need the larger ones for steeping either. So when I do steep a flavor occasionally, I just steep in 30ml bottles. But if you’re gonna steep a lot, and want the smaller bottles with you but the larger bottles steeping, you might want to go a different way. So it’s just down to your personal preferences.

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Just make sure if you have any little ones around to not put these in their reach any of the DIY products that is.

Steeping is as easy as leaving it alone in a dark cabinet for a month. You can do the open the cap to allow new air in " burping the bottle " for plastic bottles. Then shake every now and then but I have found there is no real difference if you don’t do this.

Like everyone else I steep 1 month mainly because I vape A Lot of creams. If I blend a fruity mix and it doesn’t have any creams nor citrus it can be a SnV - shake n Vape but I guarantee 3-5 days it will be even better.


Lolly pretty much nailed it. I store my NIC in the freezer, but haven’t started storing flavors in the fridge yet. Always make sure your lids are tight, tight, tight, to prevent flavors from weeping out, and air getting in. Like Lolly, I just put me steepers on a shelf, room temp., somewhat in the dark.