Steeping in Food Grade Plastic Container vs Glass Container

I was told that some of the well known eJuice brands steep in glass instead of a food grade plastic container, this is what creates flavorful both inhale and exhale, I am looking for answers on why some eJuice brand have a good exhale and no exhale and some have both good inhale and exhale.

Any knowledge base on this topic would be helpful from you expert DIYers



I use glass only for steeping because it’s easier to clean and recycle. As far as it making a juice better (inhale/exhale) I haven’t noticed an advantage using glass for steeping. A well designed mix will excel on it’s own if you don’t ruin it during the steeping process. I say this because too much heat steeping will degrade some flavors. Other extreme steep methods pose problems also.

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I steep in glass as well. I don’t know if there is a real way of knowing whether or not a process of glass vs plastic will make an outcome so significant as inhale/exhale differences. There could be other issues at hand like does 1 company use all natural sweeteners and top notch flavors over the other company who may use great flavors but lacks on a sweetener. A bad sweetener can kill a batch quick.

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