Steeping it like a pro

Recently I’ve seen video of P Busardo that interviewed some guy that owns juice making company. His employe explained and shown machine like a mixer that heats up the juice and shakes it till it’s like a froth. The idea is to get air in the juice to oxidize it but normally this takes weeks or little less in ultrasonic cleaner.
So I thought I’ll try it and build a simple shaker out of a large computer fan, running it violently out of balance with juice strapped to it. I heat up the juice in hot water and strap it to my shaker for 3 hours. It comes out totally white like a froth. Than I let it clear out for 30 minutes. The juice is quiet vapeable straight after that. Off course steeping it further in a cupboard gets the juice to it’s best but now I no longer need to wait 1-2 days to test my DIY. What you see is only a quick test mockup but it works so I plan to make a better one - heating would be nice too but probably difficult to implement.
Shaker is simple to make, worth a try.


Wish I had that kinda room. Nice invention!

I can’t claim I invented it but I do claim that I’ve seen the video :slight_smile:


Lol at least your honest :laughing:

Great idea @flavorhound1i have smaller fans just like that they run off a 12v battery… gonna give it a whirl!!! Get it a "whirl "Ha-ha ty for always thinking !!!

Is it shaking or rotating? To me it looks like the liquid has separated into to different layers? Centrifuging is no good for mixing :smiley:

To me the bottle only looks half full. I don’t see any separation.

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No, no, It’s not to separate the juice. The photo of the bottle you see is taken couple of minutes after the shaking so it’s starting to clear up. I strap the bottle to the side of the fan that’s way out of balance. I chop off the blades and leave only one, in to which I screw as heavy screws as the motor can handle. Than I run it at 12V. You can go higher at risk of killing the fan that’s all. I’m not sure if small PC fan will be able to shake violently enough to make the juice like froth but with small bottle it might work well enough. It’s got to shake it hard enough that you can hear the juice sloshing inside the half full bottle (for air).
I did a shake last night for 3 hours, than left it overnight in warm place (power supply) and in the morning the color all ready started to darken. Now it’s evening, I’m vaping it and for only 24 hours steep it’s pretty darn good vape specially for Tobacco mix. I got a mix here I did about 4 days ego and the color now has darken us much as if it had steeped in cupboard for at least two weeks, even the taste got richer and smoother. It’s the constant tiny air bubbles that allow it to oxidize faster.
Well it seems to work for me anyway and it’s simple and cheap enough to make but if you find its no good enough , nothing is lost.ANd yea you need to hang the fan up as in the pics so it can vibrate freely.

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Nifty set up. I Tape the bottle to a blade on a reciprocating saw and go easy on the trigger for a couple minutes… Sometimes I get impatient and hammer it full speed. I have a blade wrapped in gorilla tape to cover the edge and wrap the bottles in blue shop towels (way better than paper towels). Downfall is that you can only do 3-4 30ml bottles at a time. Also make sure the bottles don’t hit the guard on the saw… that gets messy.


You don’t need any tools for fast juice testing. Here’s what I do:

  1. Mix 10ml, not more.
  2. Put all flavourings in the oversized bottle (15-20ml).
  3. Close the bottle and shake it.
  4. Add nico, close bottle, shake it.
  5. Start adding PG and VG in 2ml batches, shake properly after each batch.

Once the bottle is filled, shake the whole bottle for a short while, let it rest until bubbles inside disappear and it will be pretty much vapeable.

That’s what I used to do but this steeps it much further because you’re getting the air saturation for as long as you leave it to shake. I no longer get that funny feeling in my mouth I normally get from freshly made juice.

I’ve never been able to do shake and vape. They don’t taste right to me.

@flavorhound1 ive been using my orbital sander with no sand paper attached, hold the bottle by the top and press into soft sander hook and loop bed and let it vibrate for a min or 3. Watch the bubbles form and take it off. Works fine. No pics soz. Hope this helps. :black_joker:


that’s a great idea!!!

I use an impact drill but instead of a drill bit, I put a coffee stirrer in it and I have the end of the stirrer cut like a fan blade, it works great!

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I have never shaken my liquids, I always just stir them with the drill until it turns to a frothy concoction then I let it steep for a day or so!!! I love it!!!


I use a milk frother at home cheap 3$ from china apparently dropping it in water made it go thrice as fast #scientist .As for steeping I WAIT don’t be impatient!


Here is my implementation:

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What works well enough for me is fill sink bottle high with the hot tap water and just let it sit 10-15min. Then pending my mood i either shake the crap out of it by hand or i use some wire in my drill to stirr it to a froth. Then depending what flavors, leave cap off to sit for an hour or two. Just about everything i make is SnV, only a couple i have put away for longer. Forgot about some i found from april lol