Steeping Liquid

Hi everyone! How long would you say to steep a bottle of liquid with one flavour in?

Depends a lot on the flavor itself. If you look at the flavor info on the website under notes, there is often a lot who will write their steep info opinion. Fruits are often shakeNvape or with a 3 days steep time, while creams, custards and deserts are often 2 weeks to a month.


Ok perfect. I’ve got a lot of fruit liquids so I’ll just shake and vape and if it’s not as nice as it could be I will leave it to steep for 3 days. Thank you

There is some fruits with a lot of alcohol, where you should steep longer or leave it with cap open for a while (this can however affect the flavor).

Sweet strawberry Capella as an example contain a lot, it can use a proper steep IMO. You can have an “open steep” that will help, but be careful leaving it open too long, that can make the flavor turn somewhat green and have a grass kind of taste to it, but this might just be my taste buds :smiley:

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I might just leave the cap on and put it in a dark place for a few days if I don’t like the taste of it as soon as I try it.

The liquids that I bought were

Berries and Peach
Vanilla and Custard
Sweet Cream
Strawberry (ripe)
Black Cherry
Bavarian Cream

If you could recommend the steeping time for these liquids that would be great? Thanks

As written before, if you look for the flavor under “resources”… “flavor list”, make sure you find the correct one by sorting by rating, then open the flavor and look under “notes” and you can see what people writes about the flavors.

Also make sure that you select the right brand, because Sweet cream from TPA and CAP is not the same.


This is what I do. Make up like a 30ml mix of each with your Nic and preferred PG/VG ratio.

Have some today, some in 3 days some in 6 days and see what happens for each. You’ll learn heaps. With that many flavours you should be able to to have enough to space it out easy.

That’s what I do anyways, has given me a feel for each flavour I use evrnote to make notes as i Go along. I also recommend to put the date on anything you make. I’m hesitant to give you any actual times as I’m not experienced enough. But I assure you this is a great method for direct experience which can’t be beaten.