Steeping method question and some chatting

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It’s been a long time since I have been on here. The way I steep Is after I mix my juice then I shake. I count to 100 then switch hands and do another 100. I then get some hot water out of my Keurig.I do let the the water sit for a couple min before putting the bottle in. I may do the this a couple times or just once just depends on the mix. I leave the lid off my bottles for about 12 hours. (sorry my 2 year old wants to help’) rffgghhjhjjjjk76rfd. I though it was funny so I left it in lol…
Anyway does anyone have any idea how much the nicotine will degrade? I figured maybe just 1 mg or so. I started pretty high but am now down to 3mg. I mix it at 4 though just in case. I do plan on getting a test kit after christmas.
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@Alisa I made loopy cereal v2 smells amazing still have a little while to go. I also made Vanilla Custard lll and I love
@daath My wife loves Smooth morning kick That is the only thing she has vaped for months ( seriously) I do use Irish cream in it.
@NotCharlesManson I made Strawberry shortcake bar but I had to sub flavors and it was ok… I made it the right way and WOW!! I knew there had to be a reason it’s at the top
As we all now if you sub anything in a recipe you are not making that recipe anymore. Even if it’s just switching brands.
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I use almost the same method except the shaking.

After I’ve followed the recipe I mix it with a Badger paint mixer that I got from Amazon. I normally use it for about 2 minutes in a 120ml bottle. Then use water from the kureig and let it sit in the warm water with the cap loose until the water reaches room temp. Take out and tighten cap,and place in a closet.

I read somewhere that the nic degrades slightly with hot water bath. Something like 1 to 1.1mg. I have no idea the accuracy of that figure but the person that posted it had the equipment to check it. Like you I mix my batches at 4mg.

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I use the badger paint mixer (props to @Alisa for inspiring this purchase) for the majority. Still have a few old bottles left that the Badger won’t fit in and for these I just give them a good shaking with both arms. I leave caps off for a few hours and then off they go into the steeping box. I’m too lazy to do the hot water thingy :blush:

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Good to see ya, @RandyRotten ! Merry Christmas!!

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Welcome @RandyRotten and your two year old.

Hope you like the Loopy as much as my friend does!

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I think I owe a bit of gratitude to you and @Alisa for my Badger paint mixer. I believe I saw the post where you asked her about up,and I ordered mine a few minutes later, lol. Thanks to both of you!


Shake by hand until everything is mixed together - dark room temp cupboard - leave - shake - ready to vape