Steeping methods?

What’s your Steeping methods? Except for the occasional shake and leave

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There are threads on this. Try searching on top.


Here’s the method I use on everything besides MF flavors. Once it’s complete I store it 2-4 weeks.


Definitely a huge fan of ultrasonic. But I will add that the machine choice is important, if not critical.

The one that I have/use is an old holdover from jewelery work and is branded as OroGem (who I learned only recently had to rename to GemOro thanks assuming to a diamond broker using the same name - even though they were in a foreign country, it was industry related, so I can see “the courtesy” of changing the name).

Anyways, the key is it only heats up to about 110F (with just heat, and after a couple hours of being on), and reaches an upper limit of 118F with the ultrasonic waves engaged, even after up to 5 hours of “constant” use (giving it 15-30 minute breaks between 1hr cycles).

I firmly believe this is why I don’t experience the Nicotine degradation that some report when using an ultrasonic. Some heat up to 150F, and I think that while those make the steeping process faster for flavoring, it’s detrimental if you add the nic to the mix before heating (as I do) at that temperature. Even still, it’s been anecdotally tested with results that showed only a 1mg loss of nic (they used 6mg) at 150 (by some on reddit). So that could theoretically be adjusted for if so desired. However, even as anal as I am about measurements (syringes) and temp use in the UC, I’m not worried about it since my temps will never get that high.

Most of my non cream/custard flavors are good to go within 24-48hrs after running between 3-5 hours in the UC. Those that do use custard are generally good within 4-5 days max. And I’m still sorting out the few creams I have, but so far it looks like those might need a week to two weeks of time after the heat bath.

Coffee is the exception to the above though, and will definitely still take 2-3 weeks to fully come into their own (referring strictly to true coffee flavors here. Not all the mocha and cappuccino offshoot crap :wink: as those are still good to go within 24hrs.)

I wouldn’t trade my UC for the world at this point.

Edit: Ugh. Just noticed I replied to Pro rather than the thread in general. My bad.