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Hi guys I have about 10 bottles I am steeping atm 5 are from Mt Baker and the rest my own, the Mt B juices have been steeping in a cupboard with caps off also giving them a good shake every day for 2 weeks now and after trying them today they still have a slight chemical/perfume taste, am I doing it wrong or is it normal to take this long…keeping in mind they took a week getting to me in Australia! My own juices are coming on really well and most of them are ready some of them are quite bland though and I’m thinking about adding more flavour but not sure if I should do this or not?


hi Nessvape;

After a 2 week steep you would think a juice would not have a chemical/perfumy taste any longer. Chances are that a longer steep will not change anything much more at this point. Suggest you discontinue buying juices you feel taste in that manner. If you encounter this problem with your juice creations you may have to try different brand flavors or eliminating flavors you suspect gave it that taste. I’m sure you realize from others here on ELR that some flavors are better than others. We have tried to make treads to tell everyone the better flavors and there is also one for flavors to avoid. Good stuff. Flavors that do not pair well together could also create odd tasting juices. Check out the flavor pairing thread as well, more good stuff…

The problem with buying premixed juice online is you never know what you get until you have it in your hands. You don’t get to try juices before you buy. Why, I just can’t understand, companies feel we want our juices to taste like flowers or perfumes. I find this sickening. Many of these juices wind up with the kinda taste you describe.

As far as you personally doing something wrong, the only thing I can think of is I do not think you need to leave the cap off your juice anymore than one day during steep. Possibly others will chime in on that…


I agree.

1 day cap off then cap on and shake every day.

I do allow 10 minutes a day with the cap off before shaking and putting the cap back on but this is only for a couple of days max.

@nessvape personally I don’t expect to have to steep juices purchased from a company unless it stipulates to steep before using.



I NEVER leave the caps off. Why you ask? Well, while you are allowing the alcohol to dissipate, which there is actually very little as the vast majority of flavorings are PG based, you are allowing the wanted flavor molecules to escape. On top of that VG is hygroscopic, this means it will absorb water from the air which will dilute the flavorings even more. If you are buying a juice that is so nasty when you first get it then it really isnt worth buying in the first place. I agree with @ringling in this, there are so many vendors out there that make similar liquids there really is no reason to buy from a company that makes unvapable juice.

I have never made a juice that i even considered would require doing something like this. When i first starting buying online i bought from MBV, while some of their stuff is decent i quickly learned much of it is crap.I still have a couple bottles i bought from them over 2 years ago, every once in awhile i open them to smell, i still consider them to be unvapable, it is a lesson to me on how not to mix liquids.


Ok well that mite explain why my other juices have lost some flavour…lol and I will never buy from Mt B again! Thank you for your reply.

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Best of luck in your search for a good vendor! If you werent a world away i might suggest some companies but i have no idea who ships down there.

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With a little practice blending your own, you will more than likely never buy premixed Ejuice again!


I think that’s down under…


MT Baker are fine concentrates. But you must take care of two parameters:

  1. The suggested dosage is 20%
  2. They need time. A month minimum. After a couple of months they 'll become even better.

Give them a chance. As for the chemical taste, I’ve never tasted one.

If that’s the case, what is the point? You can get better stuff that doesn’t take nearly as long.


Actually it’s @nessvape who tastes the chemical taste but saying this is blended juices from MTB. I do not buy from them. I never buy already blended juice. I will say this though, any flavor that would take a minimum of a month to get rid of a chemical taste is not for me. I have to blend for my shop and that is too long of a time to wait for product to go on the shelf. All my juice creations are tested within 24 hrs of blending. If they are good as a shake and vape then 99% of the time they are better with steep. Believe it or not I had one juice become unvapable with steep…

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This is a common problem IMO regarding their flavors. Weak and Take Forever in a day to steep. Not really impressed with them. Not bad price thou. I don’t buy them anymore.


I looked at their site a few times myself but the high recomended percentages turned me away. Since reading some of these comments I will probably never look back. Sorry MBV, I havent bought any pre-made juice myself since Feb. except a couple from Fuzion, Unicorn Blood Prime and Red Sky, to help with their charity.

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