Steeping strawberry and custard

Just wanted to comment on what you said in your post that strawberry flavours tend to loose there flavour if steeped for long

My one got better even tho it was a single flavour
Im sure if it was in a mix with other flavours it would of come thru
Specially with cream and custards that takes time to steep

I need to make an order on strawberry consentrates as thats my next diy, strawberrys and cream
Most likely ill use ripe strawberry by tfa and sweet strawberry Capella with my creams n custards or vanallin
I will steep for 8 weeks before i try it
I always post my tried and liked receipe

Good things come to those who wait … Guinness :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have made custard/cream bases before, for the same reason you post, and found no benefit with fruits added later.
As all know, I only believe in mag stirring, and definitely want all of my ingredients in the mix from the beginning.
Any custard/cream mix I make that has strawberry [same for a few other fruits] get left un-touched in the aging closet for two months minimum. I also always use more than one strawberry when using any.
I very rarely make anything S-N-V


Hmm… Are you sure it’s not tfa sweet strawberry? My bottles of tfa(tpa) from bull city actually say “Fa” on them with “flavor apprentice” in tiny letters. I can’t imagine going that high with a flavourart flavor, but could see it with tfa. Not saying you’re wrong, and people’s palettes definitely differ so maybe that’s what you like, just curious! :wink:

Here’s what I’m talking about with the tfa bottles:

If you use Pyure to sweeten, it contains apple cider vinegar and citric acid, and livens up fruit mixes.
I make two stevia stones from organic pure stevia powder [without fillers, etc]. One is just PG and stevia powder,
the other is PG, stevia powder, apple cider vinegar, and sometimes organic key lime juice, unless I have malic acid.
Citric acid can/will mute some flavors over time, whereas malic acid [C4H6O5 dicarboxylic] will not, yet will achieve the same results.
You can sweeten with Marshmallow, then add 1 or 2 drops per 30ml of apple cider vinegar [I prefer Braggs organic that contains “the mother”]

You are so CORRECT … ME BAD … Its was not Flavour Art … It was capella, i found the empty bottles today.
Corrected my comments


Hi Ozo. I have learned the exact same thing from a Norwegian mixer who goes by the name “Miraculix” at least in Norway. IT’s the man behind steamerelixire . Unfortunately he has giving up selling in Norway because nicotine juice is not allowed, and for several personal reasons.He was 3rd runner up in a US contest in juice making. But he is very dedicate to teach DIY at. NDS Dampekjøkkenet.
I have mixed TFA Strawberry and TFA Strawberry ripe, both from TFA, but I think I’m gonna try this Strawberry stone that I have borrowed from Tortured Zen


Ahh, that makes more sense!

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thats what i was thinking but europe has different stuff so you never know

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I haven’t ever steeped separately I agree w/ Ringling that the benefit of the juice is the combining of the flavors. If the flavor profile isn’t reached then the recipe should be tweaked and re worked. Then again, there is no law sayin’ you can’t do it… so give it shot it may be the perfect fit for what your aiming for ! I do understand what your saying and it makes perfect sense being you have trouble getting the full effect of the SB after several weeks. I don’t have that trouble but there are plenty of ppl who really can’t taste SB very well.


idont have the problem myself , this ideabjust popped in my head from reading other posts about strwberry flaves depleting or not being able to taste it

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Whew ! Thank goodness :smile:

I hear ya and I think you should run two test batches well make that a total of 3 ,1 combined then the other 2 being separate to see who wins !!!

SB was a very very very late addiction for me as I could not taste it like I do now for at least the 1st year after smoking buds had to kick back in first :sunny:

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