Steeping techniques

Hey Dudes
So I’m was interested on how you guys go about steeping your juices, whether you just stick it in the back of your cupboard or you let it breath, a daily shake and how long is too long?

I made a juice four weeks ago “Lemon Cake” you can checkout the recipe on my page, on the advice of my Vape shop to steep for four weeks.

Now I had made this juice before in a 15ml sample and frankly it was delicious at 10 days, so whipped up 50ml and left it for four weeks and now it’s bland and a little chemically tasting, where did I go wrong it’s a real head scratcher. :astonished:

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After you read a bazillion posts about steeping, you’ll understand that everyone has had those head scratching moments in their mixing career. Some juices taste better at 10 days and others taste better at 6 months. The important thing is for you to understand your mixes and record when they’re “done steeping”. When it tastes good to you… they’re done steeping. :grinning:


Could be because it’s a bigger batch it needs more time to steep before it hits the same ‘spot’.


I see people posting smaller bottle steep faster, I’m not experiencing that but I don’t mix any less than 90ML. I guess if you are making 500ML it would make a difference.


I don’t know either @Maureeenie bc I’ve never mixed more than 100 ml and that’s a SnV, just thought I’d throw it in there :smile: