Steeping time

Hello question

I want to know how long candycane cream should steepen I have found the recipe here on the site but it does not say at how long the steep time
greets willem

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Cream flavors usually take a few weeks to fully steep. Steep your mixture for 7 days then test it. If you like then it should be ok, if not give it a couple more weeks in a dark cabinet .


I would give it atleast 4 days depending on the cream/mint ratio to test. But my guess would be atleast two weeks to allow the mints to find their place in line for the flavor profile. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Mint will sit way too high when first mixed.


OK thank you very much for your answer
I spent an hour back and have made it in the 100 ml yogurt maker stand for 10 hours that saves a week steeping
I’m going it a week to put in the dark closet

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OK thank you very much, for your answer

Sort of a rule of thumb for me

Fruits only 7 to 10 days

Fruits with booze 10 to 14 days

Fruits with cream 14 to 21 days

Bakery flavors 18 to 24 days

Creams with booze 21 to 28 days

Now let me add this, at the earliest number of days for each of these they become good, but not necessarily in their prime. I mix all my ADV’s in at least 240 ml batches, I try and do this when I have about 100 ml left, although there are a couple that I mix in 480ml batches and have to hide them from wifey while they steep. I swear wifey can vape 25 ml a day of a couple of the ones she really likes.

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Be very careful heating juices I used to heat a lot of mine in a mini crock pot and didn’t think they were getting that hot till I melted a plastic bottle one day. I use an Ultrasonic Cleaner to aid in mixing and steeping but my rule of thumb times are after the UC

How do you use the Ultrasonic cleaner to Mix

The ultra sonic vibration aids in mixing the juice. I still shake the wholly hell out of it first. Somebody told me when first started mixing to shake the bottle vigorously with my left hand till my fell off the repeat with the right hand.

And actually I use this and a small drill to mix anything 240ml or above. It’s just some zip ties put together. I actually have three different sizes but don’t use the little one

Right so you just put sealed bottles in cleaner and let it do its thing,
I used a frother and now purchased a small battery mixer that some one put on here fromAmazon now and find it better as it does not create a frothy mixture but just mixes nice.

It really doesn’t matter if you use a frother, as mixing is just one step. They still need to steep.

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Yea I have had a couple of mixes that were terrible and a month steep sorted it and its nice now