Stevia - DIY or pre made?

@bluenose63 Ive read about DIYers using 9% saline before and I wouldnt mind giving it a try. Would you mind sharing the finer details with me and maybe we could compare notes ?

I bought some from the rite-aid pharmacy for making the Charlie Noble’s PB Cereal recipe. It is the only recipe I have used it in (was super low percent) and haven’t tried that recipe without it yet. I sprayed ~30 nl into a dripper bottle for ejuice and put the rest of the bottle in the medicine cabinet. That 30ml I sprayed out will last me a life time even if I actually remember to start using it in other nut/caramel based recipes. I think it can certainly add a little depth to those types of flavors that would benefit from a little salty note but don’t have enough experience yet to really be of any further help.

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Good find. Thank you for sharing your info. A question if i may. Does it cloud the final mixes?

pm sent, rather than derail this thread on Stevia

No, it doesn’t cloud the mix.
It sweetens, and it smoothes.

@bluenose63 Gotcha, replied

I don’t know where this is sourced, and it doesn’t claim ‘organic’,
but it is the same type of powder, and it’s available to you.
There is another sold in the UK that is organic, but I will need to find the link.


This is a good one, according to a friend.
She makes it the same as I do.


Thanks for the links, I had looked at both those products and dismissed them because of the ambiguous wording but now I know that theyre ok Ill give one a try

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So the powdered leaf experiment didn`t turn out too well, but I got hold of “Better Stevia Original” liquid.

The ingredients are de ionised water, certified organic stevia extract (Reb) and 11% alcohol, will I need to dilute it before use ?


@Chewy I wasn`t able to get hold of the organic powder so I got the liquid described in my last post

This is the stevia I got from e-bay.

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Ive bookmarked that, Ill see how I get on with the liquid, thanks

I use it often, I made my own, cost practically bugger all, distilled water and fine sea salt

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Just to add to this topic.
I’ve just recieved a 25g bag of pure Stevia powder (97% reb a). I got it from bulk powders. If you spend over £20 with them you can use code GOOGLE10 for £10 off.
Had a taste of the smallest dusting of powder on tip of finger and it’s so sweet.
I was wondering if the citric acid i see listed on the pyure drops ingredients is to help it dissolve in solution or if it’s there purely as a preservative. I have citric acid powder here so will make a solution in a 30ml bottle but wondering how much powder to use and if anyone has had luck getting this to fully dissolve in water and Pg.
I was thinking of dissolving it in a small amount of water first then topping this off with Pg or will it dissolve straight into Pg? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Please post picture of bag, and ingredients list.

If it is pure stevia powder, no fillers, no buffers, no preservatives…Reb A…not leaves…

I use 1 to 2 teaspoons of pure powder to 30ml of VG, but I blend it on a magnetic stirrer for almost an hour.

For the stevia stone mix I make to use in fruit flavored e-juice, I also add 5 drops of Key Lime lime juice (you can use lemon juice), and I add 5 drops of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar with “mother”.

Please post pic of bag, front and back, and ingredients list.


It is pure Stevia. After discount spread across the other items I purchased it worked out about £5 for 25g.
Here are the pics. …

Hopefully it uploaded both. If not I’ll edit and add. The front of all bulk powders is a generic pack so only the back is relevant anyway.

How much once mixed is comparable to 1ml of TPA sweetener? I’m hoping this will work out the substitute I’ve been looking for.
I’d ideally like to end up with a clear solution but haven’t had a go at mixing any up yet. I’ll just use a tiny bit of citric acid powder added to the solution (maybe quarter to half a gram per 30ml)

That’s the front. Looks exactly the same as the front of their creatine, vitamin c etc.

The cheapest way to get it from them is to put in 2 lots of 50g.
So you can get 100g of pure powder for £20.93 delivered.

It’s £2.95 delivery and that is after using the GOOGLE10 code for £10 off over a £20 spend.

Hopefully this will be helpful to some of you.