Stones and my usage:

Thanks for sharing! I havent been a fan of mango yet so im gonna give this a try. Thanks for all you’re hard work :wink:


You are most welcome.


Another stone to add:

Dragon Fruit:
4 oz TFA Dragonfruit
2 oz INW Dragonfruit

A very rich and deep fruit flavor.


So in response to my question regarding Vanilla Ice Cream, I got a recipe for a mix from Skullblade789 (I think) that was;

2% Italian Cream
1% Sweet Cream
10% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
1% Vanilla Custard and
2% Vanilla Swirl

Haven’t tried it yet but will soon. If I was going to make a stone of this, I think it would be;

12.5% Italian Cream
6.25% Sweet Cream
62.5% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
6.25% Vanilla Custard and
12.5% Vanilla Swirl

Did I get this right? Then when I use it, I’ll mix it at 5% and another flavor like coconut at 3%.


Yes as a one shot the suggested use by itself would be 16pct … But to use as a stone you can mix it at wahtever percent you like 3 to 5pct as the base seems legit… It does contain some strong flavors that tend to dominate like the IC Hang… So try it between 1 to 3 as well it could be fine at lower percentages if using as a cream


So with a complete fuck up on my part I got Capella Vanilla Custard V2 and directly added it to the stone without seeing what version it is. Well it was not a bad fuck up. This added a dense, dense layer of custard to the mix that I was not expecting. What a difference that makes! Get both of those and add it together it is so damn good!

4 oz. CAP Vanilla Custard V1
4 oz. CAP Vanilla Custard V2
1 oz HS Italian Cream
1 oz TFA Vanilla Swirl
1 oz FW VBIC (to me no pepper taste, adds a layer of cream)
1 oz FW Whipped Cream
1 oz FW Bavarian Cream (Adds just another layer of cream)


@Skullblade789 That just screams, “Creamy, custard ass kicking” to me.


@Skullblade789 I SUCK at trying to get “One Shots” right, and wanted to SAVE your stone. What % do you think this would scream @ ?? 13% ??


Depends on what flavor you are adding it too.


Well how about just soloing it, to see how it fares ?


Solo 10% for that thick mouth feel. I am only doing maybe 5% in my barrel mix. See how that combines with the bourbon.


Outstanding, thank you for sharing it.

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It was just a fuck up on my part. A good fuck up though.


Check out the fall recipes I am creating.


@Skullblade789. I didn’t even steep this past a week. VERY good Sir.

by SessionDrummer, today, at 17:04

Only let this (stone) test steep a short week, but WOW, @skullblade789 really nailed something, with this “fuck up” as he put it. Dense is right, BUT, not in a bad way. I typically do NOT like CAP VC, because I get an off-putting note from it (as well as a few other CAP Vanilla variants). Well, WTF, this is CAP VC Heavy, and I love it. Anyone who’s tried even a SMIDGE of HS’s Italian Cream knows how powerful it is, and despite the OTHER creams, I think IT, is responsible for BENDING the CAP VC at it’s will. The other creams do layer in nicely, and really work well together.

From a CAP VC hater, this one is a 10/10.



Nice. I just got this one (Italian Cream) and their French Vanilla Ice Cream (Hangsen)


Thank you so much. It means a lot to me to know someone is getting something from me.


You’re welcome @Skullblade789. It IS your property, so I hesitated to blow it up recipe/stone style, but, it was too good NOT to. And we’re talking SOLO good. I’m curious to hear back after you test with the Bourbon. I’m glad you shared it.


I just mix so much at a time that I do not write it down. I try to share what I do when I can. I just do not recipe it out on the other side. If you look for Grubby on the recipe side or search my name here you may find other recipes I have done.


Damn you @SessionDrummer. I did not want to crack the custards open just yet. You gloated about them so I had to try the Barrel Custard. That is one of my finest to date. Damn you for making me try it.