Stones and my usage:

Full disclosure: I know taste is subjective. So your vape may vary.:

So I have been getting a lot of questions lately about my percentages in mixes. I tell everyone that I do not mix in an orthodox manner. This is true. I do believe though that not one vendor has the perfect flavor for a one shot mix. This is why I use “Stones”. Stones to me are invaluable. This makes for tried and true recipes and knowing what I like out of a flavor. I know my flavor profile and like things a certain way for certain mixes. so my introduction to stones came truly out of the love of Strawberry. I used strawberry in a lot of mixes. Let’s dive down into my madness in the search for my strawberry:

One I needed a base so I went with TFA Strawberry. It was good, but needed a kick. Add TFA Ripe Strawberry. Too much will kill the Strawberry essence. So went semi light on it at first. Got a richer flavor out of it. So I saw people mention INW Shisha Strawberry. It was good, but not by itself. Added that to the stone. Then I heard about RF (SC) that was also good, but not by itself. Added that to the stone. Then tried FW Strawberry, same feeling needed something extra. Added that to the stone. So out of the love of strawberry I added the following to a stone:
4 oz TFA Strawberry
2 oz TFA Ripe Strawberry
1 oz INW Shisha Strawberry
1 oz FW Strawberry
1oz RF (SC) Strawberry
This is my strawberry base for all strawberry mixes. Now I tailor this to my mixes as well. If I want a real strawberry add .5% cactus and a few drops of MF Strawberry to my custards and baked goods. If I want a candy base FW Hard Candy and RF (SC) Pink Candy are added for that candy taste.

So I just mentioned Custards here is my stone for that:
4 oz. CAP Vanilla Custard V1
1 oz HS Italian Cream
1 oz TFA Vanilla Swirl
1 oz FW VBIC (to me no pepper taste, adds a layer of cream)
1 oz FW Whipped Cream
1 oz FW Bavarian Cream (Adds just another layer of cream)
This gives me a rich full creamy custard that can be added to many things. Example: FW Butterscotch Ripple and 5 drops of MF Butterscoth just adds that old time Butterscotch taste that I love. Add the above mentioned strawberry stone with a couple of drops of MF Stawberry and you have a pretty good mix.

4 oz TFA Watermelon
4 oz FW Watermelon
To me this is a great base. Add MF Watermelon, 5 drops, for that juicy watermelon taste.

4 oz FW Banana
2 oz TFA Banana
1 oz INW Banana Ripe
1 oz INW Golden Banana
This is a pure banana to me. Definitely not a Runts banana.

2 oz TFA Mango
2 oz TFA Phillippine Mango
2 oz RF (SC) Mango (OMG, really good!)
2 oz INW Shisha Mango
2 oz NR Golden eye
One of the best Mangos to date in my opinion. Add .5% Cactus for that juicy drip down your chin mango.

Hopefully this helps people understand that combining companies flavors together can bring out the best in Fruits, Custards, or any type of mix. To me there is no one type of great flavor by itself. Successfully combined gives you a great mix to work with.


A lot of hard work, trials, and lots of error went into the mixing of these stones. This is just my work to date on those stones.


Hey thanks, that’s a fantastic idea to post. I bet it will help some folks out who are looking to mix a stone, and not sure where to start with flavor combos.


Welcome. Trying to turn a new leaf.


This specifically is my problem with people writing off certain flavors too quickly, either because they aren’t potent enough, or are just lackluster in general when they could be exactly what a stone needed. Maybe a flavor isn’t great on its own, but really adds something to the mix.


Mango was that for me. I had a previous customer who wanted a mango mix. I had a hard time with that one. I am not a mango fan by any means. I worked with one mango and the customer said not really good. So took that to heart.

I knew TFA was okay especially the Philippine Mango it just needed that realism. Shisha Mango just made the mango jump up a bit. Then there was RF (SC) Mango. Man/Woman that made it really pop. Then the golden eye for just that added jump! I had a blast with that one. Tons of trial and error and the customer was shocked I could get one that good.


Bookmarked @Skullblade789. Thank you for taking the time to not only trial and error these all, but sharing them as well.


Dammit @Skullblade789, it’s working !!!

FYI your old leaf was good to go as well. :slight_smile:


Little rough on the edges. Just trying a new one.


Nice, and thanx for sharing that. But damn! Do you buy flavors by the quart or what? Now I feel like a weenie buying 30ml. :pensive:


Thanks for your stones!


Seriously you are very appreciated! I’m wondering what percentages you use after the stone is created and how long you would steep stones and/or if steeping is even necessary?


Did that when testing flavors and finding my profile.


Stones to me do not require a steep due to just being flavors. Just add it like you would a fruit flavor. I just know what calls for a strawberry base is my stone, then enhanced.


Nice thank you, and I had fun converting the fractions to percentages also, they look real good will try the strawberry, banana, and custard ones for sure


I have not heard the term “stone” related to DIY juice. Is that a common term for making a new base from mixes of multiple different ones?

Thanks for sharing this. Very informative.


They have been around awhile. Base, stone or one shot. Though a one shot may just be one of your favorite mixes where as a base or stone works with the additives of fruits and such.


The way i think of it, just like @TheTinMan, but in my longer way of saying it…
Stone or Base=
A new concentrate you make from multiple concentrates; intended to cover one basic aspect of a recipe. i.e. A Custard stone…that you can add Caramel, Cakes, fruit etc. to to build a complete recipe, different every time, any way you want it, but your Custatd is the same in each… It has the benefit of not needing to add 5 or 6 extra concentrates to every recipe just to have the perfect Custard layer, and you can also develop it to be your favorite Custard that no one or two Custard concentrates could ever come close to.

One Shot=
A new concentrate made from multiple concentrates that would be a complete recipe on its own; Custard, Cakes, Caramel, and fruits, etc. already blended. The benefit is using one concentrate to mix into your VG, PG and Nic, and coming out with a complex completed recipe.

You can still add stuff to a One Shot, but it is considered a completed recipe.


:ok_hand:Thanks for explaining @Plunderdrum and @TheTinMan


Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones …

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